Engage and attract more leads
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Nurture lifetime value and grow customer relationships with personalized, valuable and relevant content.

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Engage and retain new leads and loyal customers alike

Online audiences are no different than real-live customers – they want to feel a connection with the brands they grow to trust. Give them personalized content that makes them feel special.

Advanced segmentation for total audience understanding

Understand your unique audience and effectively take action based on their interests, behaviors, and engagement.

  • Deploy custom fields to collect valid, relevant data to create advanced segments and cater personalized offers
  • Use powerful scoring and tagging to target your most loyal customers, and win back less engaged ones
  • Connect your CRM directly and integrate other tools to boost data-driven insights

Cater to your true audience

You've learned what your customers like, now deliver ultra relevant content and custom offers to specific segments at the perfect time. The right offer, at just the right time.

  • Use Perfect Timing to drop personalized emails in their inbox when they're most likely to open
  • As you gain insights on your audience's wants, evolve offers to them automatically with Dynamic Content
  • Email is the most engaging, effective marketing tool. Personalized offers enhance your chance to sell

Marketing automation empowers impactful marketing

A lead magnet, a direct path to personal connections, and a win-back lost customers machine, all in one.

  • Trigger automated messaging on interests, purchases, and more to put the most relevant products in their inbox
  • Scoring, tagging, and web tracking events give you the most topical insights online
  • A viable landing page is your hub to offer discounts, limited offers, and more that trigger instant buys

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Comprehensive, evolved multichannel marketing

Whatever you need to do, wherever your customers are, you can connect with them directly with a personal touch, all from one platform.

  • Webinars give your brand personality, relatability, and a direct digital connection with your audience
  • Email, SMS, website, social media – you've got a pathway right to your unique audience
  • Get people back to your site and optimize your marketing stack with web push notifications

Extensive integrations all in harmony

With our open API, effortlessly integrate email marketing with other online tools. Create your personal business suite to collect data, segment, and personalize your campaigns.

  • From Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Magento and Prestashop, connect your favorites in one hub
  • Sell on the spot as you grow your audience with directly integrated ecommerce and payment processors
  • Synchronize contacts and use your favorite promotional tools without toggling between tabs

Engagement and retention: best practices and tactics

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What is Email Automation and Why Use It?

Learn how to build lasting relationships with your customers, sell your services more often, and grow your business faster than ever.

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Make a Real Connection with Your Customers

Learn how to use personalized marketing communication to establish real connections and build trust with your customers.

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