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Sync and automate marketing and sales for better results across the board, with less daily effort.

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Integrate your email software with other tools you already use

Choose from 170+ ready-made integrations with platforms and systems at the core of your business. For even more flexibility, tap into our open API or ask us to build a custom integration for you.

170+ ready-to-use integrations

Connect your CRM system, ecommerce store or analytics platform into a sophisticated, seamlessly running sales and marketing machine. All without using up your IT team’s time.

Plug GetResponse MAX into the tools your sales and marketing teams already use. Simplify your internal processes and save hours spent on day-to-day manual tasks you can automate. Your data stays up to date, new contacts land in the right lists, and you can focus on personalizing their customer journey with marketing automation workflows.

API-sync for your own tools

If you need customized options for the software you’ve built, use our open API to get full control of how you integrate your systems with GetResponse.

Integrate custom signup forms, your in-house ecommerce solution, or even your mobile app.

You only need to set it up once. Then watch the steady flow of incoming new customer data synced with your GetResponse lists in real-time, 24/7.

Custom integrations

If you need a completely tailor-made solution, let us know. It could be a feature you’d like to access via API or an integration with your favorite tool that’s not yet connected to GetResponse.

Whatever it is, our in-house dev team can help. Reach out to ask about building a custom software development project. Who knows, maybe it’ll even end up in our ready-made integrations library.

Top tools integrating with GetResponse MAX

GetResponse MAX and Microsoft Dynamics

Sync your CRM with marketing automation in GetResponse to amplify the effectiveness of both platforms – and eliminate manual work for your sales reps and marketers. Plus, make collaboration between your marketing and sales teams easier while you’re at it, letting everyone always see the same data and act on it immediately.

The integration updates your contacts on both platforms in real time. Send and track email campaigns right in Microsoft Dynamics and trigger them based on user behavior and actions predefined in your CRM.

GetResponse MAX and Shopify

Using Shopify for your online store? No problem – it easily integrates with GetResponse MAX. Add your ecommerce customers to GetResponse contact lists automatically, and send them exclusive email campaigns to nurture your relationship, upsell or cross-sell, or win back abandoned carts.

Set up regular contact and product imports and save additional contact info you can later use to segment your audience and send them offers they’re most likely to respond to. Use it as an opportunity to build loyalty with your customers and sell more in the process.

GetResponse MAX and Magento

Turn your online store customers into email contacts, automatically. Add the GetResponse extension to your Magento server, and enjoy more ways to promote your products and grow your customer base.

With the integration, you can add your online store customers to different GetResponse MAX lists depending on the products they buy, their purchase value or cart abandonment, and create corresponding marketing automation workflows.

GetResponse MAX and PrestaShop

Connecting PrestaShop with GetResponse enables seamless data syncs and updates, providing you with always up-to-date information.

Thanks to this integration, you can target your campaigns based on customers' behavioral data. Segment your online store customers and trigger marketing automation workflows based on abandoned carts, purchase value and history, and more ecommerce-based conditions.

Connect GetResponse MAX with even more tools

Whether you’re running an online store or providing B2B services, you’ll find tons of plug-and-play integrations that’ll make sales and marketing that much easier for everyone at your company.

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