Generating up to $1,000 for every 1,000 emails sent  

Thanks to email marketing tools and simple automations, affiliate and performance marketing organizations can significantly maximize revenue from product and new offer launch campaigns.   


The client generates up to $1,000 for every 1,000 emails sent for some unique offers.


The client typically sees a return of $70 for every 1,000 messages they send.


Quite a few Red Hot Marketing offers reach over $100 ECPM.



Red Hot Marketing operates in the affiliate marketing and direct response sector. The company collaborates with clients across diverse verticals, including survival, health, finance, and self-improvement.   

Their primary responsibility is generating traffic and leads through various channels, including email marketing, social media platforms, media purchases, and affiliate networks.

As a result of these endeavors, partner companies benefit from access to high-quality leads, subsequently experiencing increased product sales.  


Red Hot Marketing faces industry-specific challenges, like high competition in certain niches and the need to come out with the right products at the right time to maintain interest and relevance in a fast-evolving market.   

A primary channel Red Hot Marketing leverages for lead generation and nurturing is email marketing. Within this domain, they highlight several challenges:  

  • Maintaining engagement: ensuring content is not only of high quality but also delivered timely to align with the audience’s interests.   
  • Email deliverability: partnering with a reliable platform is essential for Red Hot Marketing to guarantee emails effectively bypass filters and reach their recipients.   
  • Unsupportive ESPs: some email service providers don’t support affiliate marketing activities.   
  • Regulatory and policy constraints: adapting to significant shifts such as privacy policy and varying ESPs deliverability guidelines requires time.   


Red Hot Marketing opted for GetResponse MAX to:  

  • Build and expand their email lists .
  • Send emails to their subscriber list .
  • Engage and retain their audience’s interest .
  • Increase sales conversions for their offers .
  • Automate marketing tasks .

Regarding revenue contribution, the email marketing channel is like free money for us.

Leon Hoppe, the Director of Traffic at Red Hot Marketing

They use GetResponse MAX tools to connect with their audience and drive revenue in the email marketing channel, primarily through:  

  • Newsletters  
  • Marketing automation messages and workflows   
  • Segmentation  
  • Reporting  

An example of a welcome message Red Hot Marketing sends


  • Email marketing has emerged as one of the most significant revenue-contributing channels for Red Hot Marketing.
  • The solutions provided by GetResponse MAX play a pivotal role in aiding their new offer and product launch campaigns.   
  • Red Hot Marketing can typically see a return of $70 for every 1,000 messages they send across their campaigns and offers with quite a few offers reaching over $100 ECPM. Some unique offers generate up to $1,000 for every 1,000 emails sent.  
  • Red Hot Marketing achieves these results with:  
    • Effective automation scenarios that keep their subscribers engaged with relevant offers.  
    • Automated welcome messages, which are one of their top-performing campaign assets. These messages ensure Red Hot Marketing onboards new subscribers at the right time when they represent hot leads.  
    • Emphasis on good deliverability and inbox placement with best practices and subscriber whitelisting.  
  • Thanks to GetResponse MAX’s overall email deliverability rate, which is 99%, they can trust that their messages are consistently reaching the intended recipients at the right moment.  

A simplified version of an automation scenario used by Red Hot Marketing:


Leon Hoppe shared that his organization values the GetResponse MAX platform for its:  

  • User interface: the platform is user-friendly and intuitive, which is especially notable in the new account dashboard and email templates.   
  • Educational resources: GetResponse offers an extensive knowledge base, complete with tutorials, facilitating users to effectively grasp and deploy various features.  
  • Affordability: the entry-level pricing of the platform is competitive, catering to a diverse range of businesses.  

We’ve truly appreciated partnering with GetResponse MAX. Over the years, you’ve adapted, listened to your customers, and implemented the features we’ve asked for. Your team has been consistently responsive and helpful, especially during our demanding times.

Leon Hoppe, the Director of Traffic at Red Hot Marketing


Tools used to get results

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • List Building – Use landing pages or forms featuring lead magnets to collect customers information. You can save and divide customer data into separate lists for updates, promotions, and other business uses.

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