Post-webinar follow-up

You can use the Post-webinar follow-up template to automatically send the webinar materials (and any other relevant information) to the contacts you invited.

Template overview

Category: Webinars and events
Elements in template: 5
Minimum number of elements to configure: 4

Post-webinar follow-up preview shown

Here’s what you’ll need to configure the elements and publish the template as a workflow:
– 2 automation messages or messages (or drafts) that can be used as automation messages
– (Optional) tags. You can create tags as you’re building the workflow but its best to have a basic tagging plan set.

Configuring the workflow

The workflow start date should be set to 1 day after the webinar date. All greyed out elements need to be configured. Click an element to open its Properties tab. Note: The Wait element has been preset to the recommended delay.

  1. In the If tag element, select the tag triggering the workflow. The workflow could start using the tag that was applied in the Webinar promotion workflow – for example “invitation sent” or it can be assigned by you.

    Note: In Properties, the switch that enables adding contacts who had that tag before the workflow is published set to ON. Keep the time settings set to Never.
Condition placement shown
  1. In the Dynamic segment filter, select your conditions.
Placement of dynamic segment shown

In this case, this will be the webinar and everyone who participated as registrants (this will also include attendees).

Conditions selected in the dynamic segment filter
  1. In the Send message actions, select the messages you want to send.
Placement od send message elements shown
  1. Click Save and publish when you’re done setting up the template or Save and exit if you want to finish editing the template later (it will appear as a draft on the Manage workflows page).

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