How to trigger my automation workflow when sending SMS messages?

SMS feature is available only in MAX plans. Click here to learn more about GetResponse MAX.

Due to the risk of SMS mass pumping attacks increasing on a global scale, note that whenever your’e launching a campaign in a new market you should get familiar with local market-specific guidelines directly from our provider Vonage website. We’re not able to ensure top-notch deliverability without meeting those requirements by our customers, often this means P2P contact with Vonage to go through formalities:

Country-Specific Features and Restrictions – Vonage API Support

How does the Text message sent condition work?

The Text message sent condition tracks your sent SMS. Use it to target contacts based on the SMS you send out.

You can use Text message sent only as a start element. The condition has an “if yes” (green) connector. It triggers the workflow for the recipients of the SMS you’ve selected for the condition. There’s no “if no” (red) connector because no contact on your list can meet this condition if you haven’t sent them an SMS.

Keep in mind that the condition doesn’t track SMS that have gone out before you set up the element. We recommend you schedule your SMS to go out after you run the workflow with the Text message sent condition.

How do I set up the Text message sent condition?

Follow these steps to configure the element:

  1. Go to Automation and select Create workflow to open the workflow creator.
  2. Select the Text message sent element to add it to the workspace.
  3. Open Properties to set up the condition.

    SMS condition in automation
  • If you’d like the condition to track any SMS sent, leave the properties set to Any.
  • If you’d like to track an individual text message, select the Specific option and expand the drop-down list to select the SMS.

    select specific sms
  • Optionally, you can set the element to Run multiple times.