How do I send product recommendations to customers?

The Recommendations block in the newsletter editor lets you create messages that will send personalized product recommendations to your customers. You can use it to promote your products, encourage repeat sales, and help your customers discover the products in your catalog. Note: This feature is available only in Plus, Professional, and Enterprise accounts.

4-block recommendations module added to newsletter in editor

The recommendations are made based on ecommerce data sent from your store to your GetResponse account. We analyze what items have been purchased by your customers and recommend related products they might want to buy. You can select from blocks displaying 2, 4, or 6 product recommendations. If we don’t have enough purchase history information for your customers, we’ll show them the top-selling products in your store.

Note: The store you select in the Recommendations block is linked to a specific contact list. For the product recommendations to display properly for your customers, they need to be in that contact list. Keep this in mind when you select message recipients. If the message is used in a Send message action in Marketing automation, it’s best to use this action with the List filter.

To use the Recommendations block you first need to:

  • Connect your store to your GetResponse account. You can do it using an API integration. If you have a PrestaShop, Magento, or WooCommerce store, you can use our plugin to send ecommerce data to your account.

  • For a category name to display in the Recommendations block, we need to have purchase history for that category.

  • In your store, create and set categories for the products in your store and set up product details that will be pulled from your store and added to the Recommendations block when we send the message. These are product category (optional), name, price, picture, SKU, and URL. You can also add a product description.

In the Recommendations block, we display only placeholder text and images. When setting up the product details in your store, keep in mind that:

  • the images will display best if they are sized to 190 pixels by 250 pixels. Larger images will be resized.
  • the product description should be between 2-255 characters,
  • you should have at least 2 products in your store.

Adding the Recommendations block to a message

You add the Recommendations block during the Create step of working with the drag-and-drop message editor. Go directly to Step 3 if you’re already in the message editor.

1. Go to Create>>Create Newsletter from the Dashboard and select the Drag-and-drop email editor.
2. Complete the required settings details and then select the template.
3. In the side menu, click the Ecommerce tab in the side menu to get to the Recommendations block.

Recommendations block in the toolbar is shown

4. Drag-and-drop the block where you want it to appear in the template.
5. In a popup modal, set the details for how to make and display recommendations.

a. Select the store and product category you want to send recommendations from. Note: If you haven’t set up product categories in your store, select All categories. This setting will also apply all products without a category.
b. Select how many items you want to show to your customers. If there aren’t enough product recommendations we can pull from the category you selected, we’ll add your top-selling products to the block.
c. Click Apply to save the settings and close the modal.

Modal with setup options for Recommendations block

6. Finish setup by editing text and buttons formatting to suit your needs. Click the text to display the formatting menu. Changes are automatically applied to all elements in the block. You can:

  • change the font, size, color, and style for the product name and price to best match your brand design,
    Formatting menu for text opened
  • modify button color and the label to encourage your customers to click to purchase. The buttons link to appropriate product pages by default.
    Editing options for modifying the button shown in a menu

Can I specify image dimensions for recommended products?

You can change the dimensions of the images that appear in the Recommendations block. To do this, you need to edit the HTML code of the message. This method is for users familiar with HTML coding. We’re working on an alternative method that will let you change the image size without having to change the code. So, stay tuned!

1. Add the Recommendations block to your message.
2. Click the HTML Editor link.

3. Find the tags data-image-width= and data-image-height=.
Image tags shown in code

4. Enter the width and height for your image. The changes are automatically applied to all images in the block.
Example new dimensions entered

5. Click the Hide HTML editor link to return to the drag-and-drop editor.

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