How to choose newsletter recipients? Video

You choose contacts you’d like to send a newsletter to within the Recipient step of your newsletter editor. You can refine your recipient list by including or excluding contacts, or group of contacts you’ve created in your account.

To include recipients you’ll be able to:

  • choose specific recipients from your contacts list
  • choose between lists or choose all lists
  • choose between or select all segments

How do I add contacts from specific lists and segments?

  1. Select a list or all list you’d like to send your newsletter to.
  2. Expand Choose segments and select the one you’d like to add to your recipient list.
  3. The Subscribers box at the bottom of the page tells you how many recipients you’ve selected.
  4. Once you’ve selected your recipients, click Next Step. This takes you to Message Summary in your newsletter editor. From there, you can schedule your newsletter.

How do I choose specific contacts to send a newsletter to?

  1. Choose one or more lists to add recipients.
  2. Under Subscribers, click I want to select contacts manually. This will open a list of your contacts.
  3. Select the recipients from the Individual Recipients
  4. Click Done to save your selection and return to the Recipients The Subscribers number is updated and reflects how many recipients will receive your newsletter.
  5. Click Next Step. This takes you to Message summary in your newsletter editor. From there, you can schedule your newsletter.

If you’d like to learn how to exclude contacts from the recipient list, go to How do I exclude contacts from receiving my newsletter.

I’ve selected multiple lists to send a newsletter to. Are contacts who are in multiple lists going to receive duplicate messages?

Your contacts won’t receive multiple newsletters if they are in multiple lists. The GetResponse system checks for duplicates and sends only one newsletter to recipients whose email address is in several lists.