Does the reputation of the from field influence deliverability to the inbox vs. spam folder?

Starting in February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo are rolling up new authentication requirements which require using a custom DKIM authenticated domain with DMARC reinforced.

GetResponse strongly advises all senders to use emails addresses from own sending domains as a from field, and to configure both DKIM and DMARC.

For additional details on these modifications, refer to our blog post:
Gmail and Yahoo’s Authentication Changes: All You Need to Know

Major email providers can filter messages to the spam folder based not only on the reputation of the sending IP or domain, but also on the from-field’s reputation. Algorithms on the email providers end will measure many factors. Once it is determined that there is a correlation between lower engagement rates, higher complaints, bounces, spamtrap hits, or suspicious content and the specific from-field address – the email provider may decide to filter messages from that specific from-field to the spam folder, even though other messages sent through the same IP and domain are being delivered properly to the inbox.

Finally, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, AIM or any non-custom, non-authenticated domain from email address, will cause every message sent to Gmail or Yahoo users to bounce.

Instead, use any other email address hosted with your own custom domain authenticated with DKIM.