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Your click-through rates will skyrocket as you give your newsletters a completely new look with irresistible video content.

Online video is the fastest-growing trend, so it's time to explore the new possibilities it offers in email marketing too. GetResponse multimedia studio provides all the necessary tools to create, upload and store up to 1GB of multimedia files, such as audio and video recordings.

GetResponse Video Marketing

GetResponse multimedia studio allows non-technical users to create professional, high-impact video email marketing campaigns, with no additional software, equipment or costs.

  • Record audio and video,
  • Upload ready-made videos,
  • Store all your video materials in one place,
  • Include them in your campaigns with a click.

And now you can easily share all your videos stored in GetResponse multimedia library on Twitter and Facebook, via your site and blog, or send video URL directly to your friend or business acquaintance.

Optimize your campaigns

Add a video to your campaign, create a gripping subject line and enjoy up to 96% higher click-through rates. Here's a bunch of the most successful video types to get you started with video email marketing:

  • product demos
  • video tutorials
  • brand presentations
  • customer testimonials
  • event coverage
  • special announcements
  • and lots of others.

Download our multimedia tutorial to learn how easy it can be, and maximize the impact of your campaigns today!

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