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Extend the life of your campaigns and reach new audiences with an online library of your best email communications!

With the GetResponse Newsletter Directory, you can create your own complete resource centre available to all your prospects, subscribers, fans and followers without access restrictions.

Create a product showcase in 60 sec!

Designing your own branded site was never easier with a ready-to-use template that updates automatically every time you send out a new email.

Simply add your personal touch by customizing your page:

  • add your logo title and a catchy welcome message
  • include promotional graphics and video
  • use a sign-up form to turn visitors into subscribers
  • promote your social media pages

GetResponse Newsletter Directory

With GetResponse Newsletter Directory, prospective new customers can find your products and services as they browse the Internet.

Add all of your newsletters to the directory automatically and benefit from:

  • Your online business card in a huge library of resources
  • Free promotion of your newsletters and brand
  • Improved searchability
  • Hosting by a trusted site
  • Excellent opportunity to reach new prospects at no additional cost

Reach thousands of potential customers by adding your newsletters to our GetResponse Newsletter Directory.

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