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How does email marketing work?

All this time and email marketing still works?

Isn’t email dead? No way. Let’s look back at what email marketing is at its core: using email to build relationships with your audience. With a proper email marketing communication flow, you can send relevant information and convert prospects into customers.

An email marketing campaign is a coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to influence subscriber action to buy, sign up, download, or do something else.

People who are interested in your product or service can join your email list (also commonly known as newsletters) and – through email marketing communication – learn everything they need to know to make an informed buying decision.

If you build your email list with your target audience – people who can benefit from your products or services – you can be sure that email marketing will become a significant revenue stream for your business.

Email has been in use long before the Internet, which makes email marketing the first online marketing channel. Email marketing has been around for a long time, and it continues to hold the top spot when it comes to ROI.

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We are so excited about our open rate results, because we on average have a 30 to even 50 percent open rate for our clients.

Katie Townsend Managing Partner, Brand Accomplished

How can you use email marketing in your business?

There are at least a few benefits of email marketing that make it the perfect choice for your digital marketing. And GetResponse offers a suite of email marketing tools designed to deliver tailor-made offers to your contacts when they’re most active.You can build an effective email marketing strategy in a just few simple steps, without breaking the bank.

The low cost of email marketing implementation means your marketing budget goes further

To run professional email marketing campaigns, all you need is a basic strategy and the right tool that allows you to try and test various tactics.

Professional, cloud-based email marketing platforms like GetResponse offer plans based on the size of your email marketing list (number of contacts.) Basic plans start as low as $15 monthly, and provide features like email marketing, autoresponders, marketing automation, and landing pages – everything you need to start growing your business. But before committing, you can always try a free plan, and make sure it’s a good fit.

GetResponse accounts are perfectly scalable. You can use a basic plan to start building your contact list, and upgrade to more advanced plans as your online revenue grows.

Flexible templates and automated tools make sending an email a breeze

Creating great email marketing campaigns is simple. You can design and customize your newsletter templates, landing pages, and marketing automation workflows with an intuitive drag-and drop-editor and email creator.

With over 500 expertly designed and fully-customizable email templates and 5,000 licensed images from Shutterstock, with GetResponse you can deploy professional campaigns in just a few clicks.

You can track performance and edit all assets to increase the overall impact.

Examples of newsletter templates

Targeted and personalized communication helps you increase email engagement rates

You can collect relevant information from your contacts along the subscription process and use it to tailor the communication to their needs and preferences. Based on the data you can create segments of people sharing common traits. Use the information you gather to display dynamic content in your emails. Dynamic content is known as “smart HTML” and allows you to show different images, CTAs, and wording, depending on your customers’ preferences and actions.

Your subscribers will stay on your list as long as they see value in your communication. That’s why over time you can build a huge email list that brings impressive revenue – if you stick to email marketing best practices.

Emails land in the inbox when your subscribers are most likely to engage with them

Knowing when you should send emails to your contacts has always been the eternal question for email marketers. And the answer is as unique as your subscribers. Each audience is different. To find the best time to reach your contacts, check your email analytics and implement GetResponse’s perfect timing delivery. This way your emails won’t get buried among other messages flooding your subscribers’ inboxes. With Perfect Timing, messages only hit the inbox when each contact is most active, and therefore likely to open and engage with your message.

How does perfect timing email delivery work?

A GetResponse Email Marketing Benchmarks report found that the biggest spike in average opens is at 1 AM – but fewer than 1% of all emails are sent then. The highest average click-through rates come through around 9 AM. But again, just 1% of campaigns are sent at that time. It’s likely because we open our emails when we start our day, and again after lunch, and those emails are then top of the inbox.

And with GetResponse’s proven 99% email deliverability, you can be confident that your emails are delivered to your contacts. GetResponse teams up with industry leaders like Return Path, Litmus, Port 25, SpamHaus, and SpamAssassin to lock in the best in email delivery technology.

Using comprehensive email tracking you can report on your success

When you build your list organically, ask people to confirm the subscription. This way you know that your contacts want to receive emails from your brand, which means that you’re sending emails to people who are really interested in your offer. Such an email list is considered high-quality and likely to bring better business results.

Email marketing services let you track statistics and monitor the results of your campaigns through advanced email analytics like opens, clicks, bounces, mobile view statistics, email comparisons, and more. Based on the collected information you can make small changes (e.g. design, copy, structure, or workflow) and optimize your email marketing program.

Advanced integrations make it easy to measure results

You can gain full control over your email marketing efforts by integrating your email marketing platform with online analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

You can control the performance of individual emails in the GetResponse email analytics panel and then track user behavior on your website. You can set goals for individual campaigns, track conversions, and measure the ROI.

automate your emails, creating cyclic emails, drip campaigns, or campaigns based on users behaviour

Marketing automation and email marketing help automate engagement

With marketing automation, you can build custom workflows for your email marketing campaigns. You can easily create any kind of campaign by using a drag-and-drop editor to program the communication flow with the available conditions, actions, and filters.

In addition to new technologies like marketing automation, GetResponse offers autoresponders (also commonly known as drip campaigns). You can easily plan optimized email cycles adjusted to your audience profile, in a simple calendar-like tool.

Your target audience wants and expects emails from you

According to the DMA (The Data & Marketing Association), most people prefer to be contacted by companies through email rather than other channels.

The results of the survey make perfect sense. Well-designed email marketing campaigns are relevant and non-intrusive – emails wait in the inbox and subscribers decide when’s the right moment to open and read an email.

Email marketing can enhance your other online marketing channels

When you combine email marketing with your blog and social media profiles, your audience can engage with your email content even when they’re not on your email list. And they can also potentially join your list from those channels as well (plus they’ll often use their best email address for their social profiles.)

With GetResponse RSS-to-email you can share you blog posts automatically via email and on social media. This helps you increase your blog’s reach and keep your fans and followers engaged.

Through social media integrations your subscribers can help spread the word about your emails using social share icons, and you can build your email list by posting signup forms and landing pages on your Facebook profile.

Taking your email mobile is a requirement – and it’s easier than you think

The percentage of email opens on mobile devices continues to grow. According to the GetResponse Email Marketing Benchmarks report, webmail opens make up 56.52% of all email opens, followed by mobile opens at 26%, and desktop opens at 16.99%. The responsive email design tool means you can make sure that your email looks great on any screen, automatically.

Which means that you can reach your customers and influence their buying decisions wherever they are. You can also integrate your online and offline marketing, e.g., by collecting email addresses at events or during shopping at a brick-and-mortar location.

Example of mobile email template

You’re in the driver’s seat – exercise full control of your email campaigns

You have the final say over every aspect of your email marketing communication. Do you have a team of people executing your campaigns? Through team management you can take full control over your email marketing projects and make sure your campaigns run smoothly and the right people on your team have the right access level within your GetResponse account.

With GetResponse email marketing you and your team can:

  • design your assets (e.g. webforms, emails, and landing pages)
  • decide on the kind of email campaigns you run
  • segment your email list for precise targeting
  • tag your contacts for better personalization
  • create marketing automation workflows with your business goals in mind

Plan your communication carefully to reflect your brand identity and stand out from other companies in your customers’ inbox.

You own your emails, and your list – and there’s a lot of value in that

In fact, over time, your email list becomes your greatest online marketing asset: a massive database of people who want to hear from your brand.

If you use a professional email marketing tool like GetResponse, your emails will reach everyone on your email list as opposed to social media, where you cannot control your organic reach. That’s why investing too much in social media following is often called building a house on rented land.

Email is king when it comes to ROI – and growing your business

Email marketing keeps on bringing the highest return on investment of all online marketing channels. 18% of marketers across all industries stated that email marketing delivers excellent return on investment, making it the clear leader in delivering the highest ROI.

According to a 2018 study by Litmus, email marketing’s return on investment is 38:1 on average. Statistically, if you invest $1 in your email marketing activities, you’ll get $38 in return.

This results from all of the factors mentioned above. If you run and measure your email marketing activities the right way, they’ll become a proven source of revenue for your business.

18% of marketers across all industries stated that email marketing delivers excellent return on investment, making it the clear leader in delivering the highest ROI.

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