Certify Your Marketing Automation Skills and Look Like a Mind Reader

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Now more than ever, online consumers expect highly-relevant, perfectly-timed emails in their inbox before jumping on an offer. On top of the other online marketing projects you have on your to-do list, how are you expected to send tailored content at just the right time? The answer? Marketing automation.

Marketing automation, your secret weapon

Marketing automation is most simply, a powerful tool used to create personalized customer and subscriber journeys. The beauty of marketing automation comes through its flexibility and scalable nature.

Consider this:

  • How much could you speed up your sales cycle if you automated your lead-nurturing techniques?
  • Have you created a seamless way to capture new leads and ease them into your sales funnel?
  • Could you generate more sales if you had a better understanding of prospect behavior?

You’ll be able to answer those questions, and more through the GetResponse Marketing Automation Certification course.

  • 22 lessons
  • 7 marketing automation experts
  • 127 minutes of training time
  • 6 quizzes
  • 1 new, certifiable skill

Why get certified?

The GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification offers four industry-recognized certificates: email marketing, marketing automation, landing page and conversion optimization, and content marketing.

We decided to include a dedicated marketing automation certification because the expectations for online marketers to deliver epic results is higher than ever. Proving you’ve got the stuff to plan, launch, and track highly-targeted campaigns is a valuable career asset.

Prove your stuff

At the end of the course, with an industry-recognized certificate, you’ll prove that you know:

  • why and how to automate your campaigns.
  • how to set up automation workflows.
  • when to use automation to get the best ROI.

Looking like a mind-reader is just the cherry on top.

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Abby Hehemann
Abby Hehemann
Abby is the Director of Product Marketing at GetResponse – specializing in product positioning, value-driven messaging, and go-to-market strategy. With a decade of experience in SaaS marketing, she's on a mission to empower marketers and business owners with the tools and insights they need to grow, engage, and convert their audience. Want to say hi? Connect with her on LinkedIn .