Mastering Marketing Automation

The to-do list for marketers and small business owners grows by the day. On top of everything you have to do, how can you make sure that you only deliver highly-targeted, relevant content to your contacts, and at just the right moment?

The only solution – marketing automation. Upon completing this 8-part course you’ll understand the benefits of mastering marketing automation, how to set up your workflows, and when to use them to expect the highest ROI.

What will you learn from the course?

The eight email lessons will introduce and explain marketing automation, every step of the way:

  • What marketing automation is
    and why you should use it
  • How to use conditions, actions, and filters
    to build high-functioning workflows
  • Welcoming contacts through
    marketing automation
  • How to use tagging and scoring
    for more precise targeting
  • Ideas for using marketing automation
    in different business scenarios
  • How to keep your list clean
    through marketing automation
  • Ways to monitor and optimize
    your online marketing performance
  • Why you should always strive to learn
    more skills and extend your reach
The course contains emails, guides and video content.