Maximizing revenue for performance and affiliate
marketing through email & automation

Boost deliverability rates, generate and nurture leads, and get superior ROI with an email and marketing automation platform.

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Trusted by 1,000+ customers worldwide

Unlocking success: the fusion of email, automation, and performance mastery

Since 1998, GetResponse has been the trusted choice for advertisers, publishers, and performance marketing agencies
looking to enhance their email campaigns, grow their audience, and generate tangible results.

Exceed your goals with unmatched deliverability

Uplift your email marketing KPIs with our 99% deliverability rate.

  • Leverage the power of our unique relationships with US and EU mailbox providers and blocklist operators.
  • Maintain top engagement with automated data hygiene, bounce removals, blocklist management, spam-check, and more.
  • Optimize your email campaigns' performance with insights and recommendations from our customer success managers.

We partner with leading industry organizations to serve you better

Customize your sending strategy with shared or dedicated IPs

GetResponse helps deliver 3 billion marketing emails per month. There's no one-size-fits-all strategy for all senders that's why we'll help you choose the best option for your business.

  • Use shared and dedicated sending IP addresses.
  • Leverage customized IP warm-up plans dedicated to all customers.
  • Harness our scalable infrastructure designed to send 100M+ emails a month.

See how a global lead generation agency increased engagement
and maintained high deliverability with GetResponse MAX

Bug your Customer Experience Manager for answers and information. They can see things in more detail, can speak to their deliverability team and help with further ideas.”
31.14% Unique open rate
7.31% Unique click-thru rate
99.2% Deliverability rate

Always-on audience engagement to boost results

Keep subscribers engaged and stay compliant with best practices and internet service providers' (ISP) guidelines.

  • Create customizable re-engagement workflows in our visual customer journey designer.
  • Automatically tag and score your contacts based on their activity.
  • Personalize and adjust your communication to different users by creating segments based on their engagement.

Manage and maintain agency & customer data

Keep the chaos away from your customers' data with our dedicated solutions.

  • Create unlimited, isolated subaccounts for your customers with account hierarchy.
  • Grant customized account access and create user roles with access management.
  • Share reports and data with customers and freelancers by creating limited, feature-specific account access.

Measure and analyze performance at a scale

Get real-time email performance data designed specifically with high-volume senders in mind.

  • Use comprehensive email performance analytics with open rates, CTRs, bounce rates, and more in one customizable dashboard.
  • Monitor engagement broken down by ISP domains and user devices.
  • Export and sync data conveniently: flat-file export, API, webhooks, FTP reports.

Unlock the benefits of a true partnership

In our commitment to a transparent and collaborative partnership, here are pivotal benefits you can expect when working with GetResponse MAX:

  • Openness for affiliate and performance marketing customers and no shadow banning.
  • Flexible terms and open contracts.
  • List-size and CPM pricing available for all senders.

Synchronize your campaigns and leads with ease

Connect GetResponse MAX to your marketing stack with our 170+ integrations and robust API.

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