What is IP address warmup? Video

Your GetResponse MAX account comes equipped with one or more sending IP addresses that have never been used before. This means that they have no sending history.

IP warmup is a process during which the IP earns its reputation with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The ISPs need to see that you send relevant and permission-based emails before they will begin to trust your bulk mailings to be sent through to inbox folders.

The same applies to the sending domain if one has never been used before, or has not been “paired” with the specific IP address before.

During the account warmup, it’s important to start with low volumes and send to the most active contacts first to start building a solid reputation.

To do this, identify who on your list most recently opted-in and engaged, and always send to those contacts first during warmup.

Organic list growth is highly recommended as it generates responsive and verified subscribers, especially if the subscriptions are processed in the double opt-in mode.

We strongly advise you follow the warmup schedule. Avoiding it may lead to serious deliverability problems and can damage your reputation for a long time.

The plan below should work for most users, but we need to remember that there are many factors which can influence the warmup process. Your Customer Experience Manager and Deliverability Team will help you monitor the results and act accordingly as to any possible inconsistencies.

Warm up table.

As you can see, the warmup plan also depends on the ISP, so different parts of your list can be warming up faster than the others. It’s necessary to remember that each mailbox provider has its own set of rules of how fast they can trust a sender. It may seem like extra steps, but it pays off because eventually you will end up with much better results all across the internet community.