What is an automation workflow? Video

A workflow is a compilation of the different conditions, actions, and filters you put together to communicate with your subscribers. It’s a clear visual representation of your communication pattern. A workflow may be as simple as sending a particular message to someone after they open one of your messages, or as complex as an extensive online course or promotion.

How do I start building a workflow?

To build a workflow, go to Automation and click Create workflow. (For one-click access, you can use the Quick actions widget.) Once you’re there, choose between the two ways to build a workflow:

  • from scratch. You select the combination of conditions, actions, and filters.
  • using a pre-built template. Conditions, actions, and filters have been preselected and some elements have been preconfigured.

For more information about prebuilt templates, go to How do I use templates to build workflows.

For information on how to build a workflow from scratch, go to our help materials on building and managing workflows.

It’s a great idea to have the assets you would like to use in your workflow already created, or at least planned. The assets include any messages or sign up methods you plan on utilizing during the workflow.

If you plan on a workflow focusing on sign-ups from a particular landing page, it would be great to have that landing page already created in your GetResponse account. If your workflow includes the condition of some message being opened, if that message was already created in your account, it will be easier for you to create your workflow.

You may certainly go ahead and create the outline of your workflow in the marketing automation workspace, choose Save and exit and then create the rest of your assets, return to the workflow, and add them to the workflow before you choose Save and publish.