GetResponse for Online Publishers

More content by digital publishers is popping up, thanks to tech platforms that are more accessible and less expensive. But content aggregation and distribution would not be possible without intelligent online tools that gather information and syndicate content. GetResponse has what it takes to help you increase readership and implement new standards in online publishing.

Reduce the time required to check updates regularly.

Visiting multiple websites to check whether the content has been updated can take a lot of time and effort.

  • Syndicate content onto one landing page to show information from multiple websites.
  • Be the first to deliver important information by sending automated alerts with the latest online news and press releases.
  • Consolidate online newspapers, blog posts and podcasts and distribute via RSS to email.
  • Market a list of category links, posts, and resources to your social media followers.
  • Deliver essential information at the exact time when each contact is most likely to open your message.
Reduce the time required to check updates regularly.

Find out what is important for the readers.

Learn more about your contacts, so you can implement effective strategies for content syndication.

  • Collect contact data such as demographics, habits, and personal info to understand individual preferences and behavior.
  • Include forms, shake boxes and exit popups to gather valuable data and signups from landing pages and Facebook.
  • Segment your audience according to the category of updates they want to receive.
  • Send online surveys to ask about the quality and accuracy of your content and preferred frequency of notifications.
Find out what is important for the readers.

Deliver only relevant and valuable content.

Digital readership dominates traditional print, thanks to accessibility and personalization.

  • Display different news categories and native ads depending on the personal preferences of your readers.
  • Provide geographically relevant content and personalize the language to meet individual subscriber needs.
  • Use A/B testing to find out which stories and entertainment websites work best for your audience.
  • Show different images, CTAs, and even wording to create a fully personalized reader experience.
Deliver only relevant and valuable content.

“I’ve been using GetResponse for the last several years. Out of all the email systems I’ve tried, GetResponse is the most intuitive. Plus, their customer service is the best bar none, always available via online chat, email or phone. I’m a customer for life!”

Jeremias Smith - Smith & Associates Media

Increase digital readership.

Use simple, smart techniques to grow your contact list.

  • Offer syndicated web content for easy viewing on smartphones and tablets.
  • Find areas for improvement, set actionable goals, and track results with intelligent analytics, at-a-glance charts, and real-time data reports.
  • Integrate with popular publisher applications and advertising platforms to deliver news even faster.
  • Perfect your look with predesigned templates, +1000 free iStock photos, and advanced image editor.
Increase digital readership.

Be transparent and reliable.

Adhere to the highest standards in online publishing.

  • Whitelist your messages to make sure they get through the systems of all major email service providers.
  • Maintain a balance between editorial and advertising content and allow your readers to unsubscribe at any time.
  • Make sure your content is safe and secure, thanks to GetResponse’s 99.5% deliverability and 100% security.
Be transparent and reliable.

Add the power of GetResponse to your online publishing.

Your readers will love the incredible campaigns you create using GetResponse. Find out how GetResponse can drive your online publishing business.