What is Web Connect and how to use it?

What is Web Connect?

Web Connect is a website integration code snippet that allows GetResponse to communicate with your website. It must be added to every page where you want to use features like popups, visitor tracking, or notifications. Once Web Connect is added to your page, it works for any and all the features that require it.

When do I need to use Web Connect?

There are several GetResponse products that Web Connect code can be linked with.

Forms and popups

Use Web Connect to add our new form or popup to your website.

Web Connect in forms and popups

Web push notifications

Apart from installing service worker, you need to install Web Connect script on your website to make web push notifications work.

Web Connect in push notifications


Use Web Connect to allow an automation workflow to track:

Purchases and abandoned carts can alternatively be tracked via API integration, while for Visited URLs and Events the Web Connect code will be obligatory.

If you would like to use the Landing Page visited condition, there is no need to add the snippet to your landing pages. It is integrated automatically.

GrTracking method

If you direct people to your pages using links in any messages sent from GetResponse, the Web Connect code snippet identifies them automatically. If your visitors come from other websites where they leave their email addresses — for example, form submission pages, newsletter sign-ups, registrations, logins, and purchase page details — you need to include additional JavaScript code to pages where your customers leave their emails:

GrTracking ('setUserId', $customerEmail)


GrTracking ('setUserId', 'user@example.com'); 

Please note that this is only a sample of one of many coding languages available where GrTracking can be used. If you do not have a PHP page, PHP script will not work, and you will need to use a language that matches the language of your page.


If you want to use Automation with some stores integrated with GetResponse, there is no need to paste the code. Web Connect snippet is automatically placed in the head section of your website.

Web Connect in integration
You can use the Web Connect option in the following integrations or plugins:

Where do I get the Web Connect code snippet from?

The Web Connect code can be found in the Tools >> Web Connect menu on the GetResponse dashboard.

Web Connect location

Where do I insert the Web Connect code snippet?

The Web Connect code needs to be added to the head section of the website you want to use it with. Even if you use the code for different purposes (e.g.: automation and web push), it needs to be done only once.

Modifying the Web Connect snippet or adding it to your website more than once may cause it to malfunction.

Please note that we don’t provide support for placing the code on your websites. If you don’t feel comfortable placing the code, please contact your web developer.