How to embed an inline content’s snippet code on my website?

The following article applies to our brand new Forms and Popups editor. Legacy editor help can be found here.

How to embed a snippet?

To embed a snippet:

  1. Go to Forms and popups and click on the name.

    manage forms.
  2. Click Edit settings.

    Edit settings button.
  1. Enter your website’s URL. You can add multiple websites using Add another website URL link. Without entering the URL the popup will not work.

    Inline content URL.
  1. If you want the popup to be displayed on specific subpages, you can select this option. There you can add a specific URL or just part of it (by selecting Display if the URL contains the following).

    Page URL settings.
  1. There are two codes that need to be added to your website. Click on the Get Web Connect button to acquire the GetResponse Web Connect code snippet. The GetResponse Web Connect code snippet needs to be added to the head section of your website only once. The Embedded form code needs to be added to the body section of your website – to the part of it where you want your inline content to appear.

  2. Remember to click Update at the end.

    Update button.

Note: We don’t provide support for placing the code on your websites. If you don’t feel comfortable placing code, please contact your web developer.