How to set properties for the URL visited condition?

When you configure the Visited URL condition there are only three things you need to set up:

  • Implement the WebConnect code snippet on the URL you want to track
  • Enter the page URL you want to track. Note: The URL you enter must match exactly the website URL. If you’d like to track multiple versions of the URL, you’ll need to use a wildcard.
  • How long to wait before determining that your customers didn’t visit this URL.

This element is as simple as allowing you to take steps once someone visits a page of your choice. For example, if someone visits a page you linked in your message, you can add extra scoring points to their account.

How can I track multiple versions of the URL?

You can include an asterisk (*) before and/or after the domain of your URL to track multiple versions of the URL. The URL could look like this:

  •* (it matches URLs beginning with this domain).
  • * (it matches URLs that contain subdomains under this domain).
  • ** (it matches URLs with subdomains and directories under this domain).

Note: When you use Visited URL as a start element, link the next element only to the “if yes” connector. Only the contacts who visit the website can “enter” this element at the beginning of a workflow, so the “if no” connector simply can’t trigger any action.