What are the Sales promotions templates used for?

There are a number of sales promotions you can run with the help of the Sales promotions templates. Run a sales promo for new contacts and encourage them to become your customers, see which offer converts the most, reward your customers with specials, or entice them with a new offer. You can customize these templates to include first time buyers, repeat customers, or new contacts you’d like to become your customers.

Converting contacts to customers

A good way to convert new contacts into paying customers is to send them a series of targeted messages. What (and how many) messages they receive is based on tracking whether or not the contacts visit your website. The Converting contacts to customers template is designed to:

  • send a welcome email that includes a message about an offer they might be interested in
  • check if your contact visits the website within 3 days and sends a follow-up message if they don’t
  • tag contacts as converted to customers based on the website they visited (for tracking and segmenting purposes).

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Early-bird sale

The Early-bird sale template is useful when you decide to entice your existing contacts to be the first one to buy your new offer. You can reward them for acting fast and generate sales before your actual big sale begins. This template lets you:

  • select the special offer
  • decide how many people should receive it
  • automatically send the offer to everyone who qualifies
  • automatically send a specific message to everyone who was interested but didn’t qualify
  • assign separate tags to those who participated and qualified and those who participated but didn’t (this will help you decide what offers and content you could present to them in the future).

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You can use the Upselling template to automatically send a message to customers 7 days after they purchase to encourage them to take part in a new offer. It’s useful when you have a group of customers whose interests and behavior (spending habits, participation in your specials or events) show they might be interested in your premium offer – for example, upgrades or add-ons. The template lets you:

  • target the right group of customers when they are ready to see more of your offer
  • ensure that everyone who received your message and made the purchase is tagged to help you distinguish them from your other groups of customers.

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Recommend top products

You can use the Recommend top products template to suggest related products to your customers based on their previous purchases or page views. It will help you achieve more sales and page visits by automatically recommending products to a specific group of customers who you know are already interested in your offers. The template is designed to:

  • send a message with product recommendations to customers with a tag indicating they’ve purchased from you,
  • check if they’ve clicked on your product suggestions,
  • send a reminder message if they haven’t checked out the recommended products,
  • check if they’ve purchased from you,
  • assign tags to your customers based on whether they purchased based on the recommendations or not.

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The Thanksgiving template helps you target people who have shown interest in your Thanksgiving offer but didn’t convert in the end. The workflow is triggered when you send a Thanksgiving-themed offer to your contacts. Then, it automatically does the following:

  • it tracks contacts who’ve purchased from you and tags them as converted
  • it sends a follow-up email to contacts who visited the page with your selected product category but didn’t convert. The email should refer to the product category viewed by the visitors.
  • it checks whether any of the recipients who received the second email converted. If they did, they get a tag: converted_thanksgiving.

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Black Friday Flash Sale

The Black Friday Flash Sale template lets you send a sequence of emails featuring different products. It also lets you remind your customers about the time left until the end of the sale. It checks whether your contacts have bought your product to avoid sending them more emails. This way you can focus on the contacts who are yet to convert. Finally, it assigns them new tags to help you keep track which of the offers made them click.

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Black Friday Early Bird Sale

Use Black Friday Early Bird Sale to engage your customers by turning your campaign into a game. To do this, you’re going to use filters, personalized emails, and different discount codes.

The workflow is triggered when your contacts click on a link in the message explaining the rules of the early bird sale game. Then, contacts go through a filter dividing them into three groups, based on how quickly they took action. Immediately after, contacts in each group get an email with a discount code. After 12 hours, the system checks if anyone converts. If they don’t, each group gets an additional retargeting email to remind them of the offer they’re about to miss out on.

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Christmas engagement

The Christmas engagement template lets you use contact scores and visiting a URL to deliver custom messages based on levels of engagement. You can develop this template with more elements, depending on the number of the resources you want to share with the contacts.

This template helps build a workflow that:

  • Allows you to target customers who engage with your messages during the Christmas period.
  • Tracks if they open your message links or visit a specific page.
  • Assigns a tag based on the contact actions.
  • Sends follow-up messages at a set pace. Note: We recommend you use the preset delay time used in the Wait element in this workflow.

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