How can I add a new “From” address and name for my messages?

You can add email addresses in the Email addresses section in Manage account. If you’d like a specific address to automatically appear in your message “From” field, select it as the default address.

To add an email address:

  1. Go to Manage account>>Email addresses and click Add email.
  2. In a pop-up modal, enter your name and email address. Click Add address.
  3. The email address is added to the list as Unconfirmed. We automatically send a confirmation message to the new address. Once you confirm the new address, the status will change to Confirmed. You can then start using it as a “From” address for your messages and confirmation emails.

You can delete or send another confirmation email for all your unconfirmed addresses. Click on the Actions menu on the right and select Delete or Resend a request .

Why does my new email address show a DMARC warning after I confirmed it?

Your email deliverability can be affected by the domain you’re using. We tell you which email address can cause delivery issues, based on whether a given domain has or hasn’t adopted a DMARC policy. In Manage Account>>Email addresses, you can see the following statuses:

  • DMARC warning

This domain provider is planning to introduce DMARC, which can result in future deliverability problems.

  • Can’t be used

The provider has already adopted DMARC.