How to grow your list using Google Ads Lead Extension?

You can benefit from using Google Ads created inside your GetResponse account even more, by adding a subscription form to your ads. Thanks to that, your new contacts will be able to subscribe to your list without leaving the search results page.

Before you begin

Google Ads Lead Extension is an addition to GetResponse Google Ads feature. To use it, you will need:

  • Google Ads account
  • GetResponse and Google Ads integration
  • at least one ad created with GetResponse in Paid Ads > Google Ads
  • to agree to Google Terms and Conditions inside your Google Ads account

Before you add the Lead Extension, make sure your ad has the Content part filled out first. The extension will be added to your ad content. Learn more about how to set up your Google Ads integration and create an ad here.

How to agree to Google Terms and Conditions inside your Google Ads account?

  1. Create a Google Ad in GetResponse in Paid Ads > Google AdsIt doesn’t have to have the Lead Extension assigned.
  2. Log into your Google Ads account and go to Ads & extensions > Extensions > Lead form extensions
  1. Click View and accept terms > Accept

How to add a Lead Extension to your Google Ad?

You can add the Lead Extension to any of your Google Ads. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to Paid Ads > Google Ads and select your ad there. Navigate to the Extensions section and click on Add button.

Configure the Create your ad section

Select the list you want your contacts to subscribe to:

Choose the Call-to-action that will open the form:

You can add some incentive text to encourage people to use the sign-up form (for example: “Subscribe to receive a free ebook”)
Note: you can use up to 30 characters in this field.

Configure the details of the form in Create your lead form section

Add the name of your company or business. You can use up to 25 characters.

You can add the header that will show under the Business name.
It isn’t visible in the preview. You can use up to 30 characters.

Below you can add a description of what your new contacts can expect from subscribing to your list.
You can use up to 200 characters.

Check the “Add a phone number field to the form” box if you want to collect phone numbers assigned to your new contacts.

If your new contact will be signed in with Google while filling the form, all available data will be prefilled for them from their Google account.

Add a link to your privacy policy, as Google requires it when you collect contacts.

If you already have a privacy policy page for your business, you can enter the URL there. If you don’t have it, feel free to create it with GetResponse. You can use its URL in this menu. Learn how to create a landing page in GetResponse.

Make sure you use the correct phone number format that starts with the country code.
Example: +15555551234 or +48515555555.
Phone numbers added in any different format, for example (555) 555-1234 or 515-555-555, it won’t be assigned to your contact.

Note: use the URL format starting with https:// or http:// to avoid getting an error.

Create the thank you page in Create your form submission message section.

You can easily create your own “Thank you headline”, so the main text displayed on the thank-you page.
You can use up to 30 characters.

You can also add your own text in the “Thank-you message” that will appear below the headline.
You can use that opportunity, to let your contact know what to expect, for example, a message coming soon to their inbox or a free file being available for download.
You can use up to 200 characters.

Below you can add a call to action with destination URL. This step is optional.

For example, if you promised your subscribers a free file you can select ‘Download file’ and add the URL to that file. Alternatively, you can encourage people to visit your website or sales page.

To save your Lead Extension, click on the blue ‘Add’ button and continue creating the rest of your Ad.

Read more about creating Google Ads here.