How to generate ad content using AI Assistant in paid ads?

Creating Google ads is now faster and easier thanks to the AI Assistant.

With the integration with OpenAI, by answering a few simple questions, you will receive ad content in the form of eight headlines and four descriptions.

Before you begin, you need to:

  1. Go to Paid Ads and click Create Ad.
  2. Pick a goal. You can either generate new leads or engage with your audience.

    creating Google Ad
    • With Bring new leads you can encourage people to sign up or provide their contact information. Selecting that option lets you select Search ad with lead form and add a subscription form to your ad in later steps.

      Google Ads - search ad with lead form
    • Engage audience helps to get more visits to your website. Selecting that option lets you choose Search ad for ads without a subscription form.

      ad type selection
  1. In the next step select Use AI Generator.

    selecting AI for ads
  2. Enter something that describes the benefits of your service or products, you can enter the keywords or phrases there.

    creating ad using AI
  3. Select the field you work in by entering its first letters and selecting it from the list.

    selecting industry for AI powered ad
  4. Select the result you expect from your ad.

    requesting results in AI powered Ads
  5. Enter a short description of people who the ad is intended for and the URL of the page that will display after clicking the ad.

    AI ad receivers and page

  6. Enjoy automatically generated content and description. You can accept it as is or edit it.

    AI generated ad headlines

    AI generated ad descriptions

Now you need to add a form to your ad and setup runtime and budget.
Here you can get more information about it.