How to format the file of SMS recipients?

SMS feature is available only in MAX plans. Click here to learn more about GetResponse MAX.

Due to the risk of SMS mass pumping attacks increasing on a global scale, note that whenever your’e launching a campaign in a new market you should get familiar with local market-specific guidelines directly from our provider Vonage website. We’re not able to ensure top-notch deliverability without meeting those requirements by our customers, often this means P2P contact with Vonage to go through formalities:

Country-Specific Features and Restrictions – Vonage API Support

You can upload a file including only one column with phone numbers. Multi-column files are currently not accepted.

It’s recommended that the phone numbers include a country prefix that starts with ‘+’, such as +48 882 111 111.

If the phones you want to upload don’t include the prefix, you can still upload them, and select a prefix that we will add in all the imported phone numbers that don’t include the prefix upon upload.

If your phone number formatting in the file is without a ‘+’ but contains a prefix the numbers can still be uploaded, but there’s a risk that in some cases the number will be interpreted as invalid.