How to add an opt-out from SMS link to my messages?

You can easily add a trackable opt-out link to your SMS message in the message editor.

SMS feature is available only in MAX plans. Click here to learn more about GetResponse MAX.

Due to the risk of SMS mass pumping attacks increasing on a global scale, note that whenever your’e launching a campaign in a new market you should get familiar with local market-specific guidelines directly from our provider Vonage website. We’re not able to ensure top-notch deliverability without meeting those requirements by our customers, often this means P2P contact with Vonage to go through formalities:

Country-Specific Features and Restrictions – Vonage API Support

How to add an opt-out link to SMS messages?

  1. Go to SMS > click on the Create text message button.
  2. In the Content section, click on the + unsubscribe link to add a link into your message.

How does the link work?

When the SMS recipient clicks on the link, they get redirected to an opt-out page.

Once the Yes, unsubscribe button is clicked, the contact is put on an SMS opt-out list on the level of the subaccount and is excluded from any future sending from that subaccount.

Note: the subscriber is not taken out of any contact list they were on.

What happens after a contact unsubscribes?

Every time an SMS is sent from that subaccount, numbers from the opt-out list are automatically excluded from the recipient list.

Opt-out stats are included in Sent SMS statistics.

Due to privacy protection laws, it’s not possible to check which numbers are on the opt-out list. We also don’t show how many contacts unsubscribed from each subaccount.

The opt-out list works also for SMS sent to numbers from a file.