How does Billing status changed condition work?

The Billing status changed condition allows taking action based on the change in the billing status of an order. These include both orders set up via Conversion funnel and those coming from your other stores.

You can use this element to for example:

  • send a message to contacts once their billing status has changed,
  • move contacts to a different automation cycle,
  • move contacts to a different list.

Note: We react to the billing status changes of the order either passed via API, our plugin or Conversion funnel.

  • To use this element, first, connect your store with GetResponse using our plugins or custom API or set up a store in GetResponse to track orders in the Conversion funnel. Learn more about connecting your store.
  • The contact needs to be in your list at the time of the billing status change.

How to set up the Billing status changed condition?

  1. Go to Automation >> Create a workflow.
  2. Drag and drop the Billing status changed condition into the workspace.
  3. Click the element or select the Properties tab to configure the element.
    billing status changed condition.
  4. Expand the dropdown list and select the store you’d like to track.
  5. Expand the status list to configure which status change should trigger the workflow:
    a. if statuses are available, select the status you want to use
    b. if statuses are not available, you can add the status manually. For information about possible billing statuses, refer to the GetResponse API documentation.
  6. (Optional) Set the element to run multiple times.
  7. Select the time setting for when to assume the condition hasn’t been met. For more information on how time settings work, go to How do I use time settings in condition properties.

How to send a message to contacts when the Billing status changes?

You can create an automation workflow when the payment status of the order is changed to succeeded. Use it to send a message thanking your customer for their purchase or to upsell them with another offer. You can use the same format of the automation workflow when the status of the billing is changed to failed. This is a good opportunity to inform your contacts of problems with the payment and ask them to review it or contact their bank for details as to why the payment didn’t go through.

To set this up:

  1. Drag the Billing status changed condition to your workspace.
  2. Click on it and go to the properties of the element.
  3. Select your store.
  4. Select the status for example to succeeded or failed.
    billing status choose store and status.
  5. Drag the Send message action to your workspace.
  6. Click on it and in the properties select the message type you want to send.
  7. Select the message you want to send.
    send message block configuration.
  8. Connect the Send message action with the Billing status changed condition.