How to use the “Landing page visited” condition in a workflow?

You can use Landing page visited to follow up with existing contacts who visit a landing page created in your GetResponse account. Whenever they visit the landing page you select, they move on to the next element in the workflow. To configure the element, all you need to do is select the landing page you want to track visits to.

There are a few things to keep in mind when working with this condition:

  • It triggers a workflow for existing contacts only. If you want to build a workflow based on landing page subscriptions, you should use the Subscribed via condition.
  • It can work as a start condition only.
  • It works for landing pages published at the GetResponse subdomain. We track visitors who come to your website via a GetResponse message link. The tracking code is installed in all GetResponse landing pages by default. You don’t have to do any extra modifications to the code.
  • If you’ve assigned your own domain, subdomain, or directory to your GetResponse landing pages, we track visits to that URL as well.

How do I set up the Landing page visited condition?

Follow these steps to configure the element:

  1. Drag and drop the Landing page visited condition to the workspace.
  2. Click the element to open the Properties tab.
  3. From the dropdown list, select the landing page you want to use.
Landing page selected from the drop-down list
  1. (Optional) Enable Run multiple times to allow the same contact to pass through this element every time they visit the page. This way you can trigger the next step for the same contact more than once.
Allowing the same contact to enter the element more than once

That’s it. You’re done! From now on, you can automatically target your contacts based on their visits to a specific landing page.


Here are the solutions to some common issues you may encounter when working with this condition:

Landing page doesn’t appear on the list of available options

You should check if you’ve published the page. You can only use published pages in this element.

Contacts visited the page but they’re not in the workflow

There are a few possible reasons for the contacts not to be added to the workflow:

  • They might have visited the page before the workflow was published. Workflows are not triggered by past contact actions. Only the people who visit the page after you’ve published the workflow can enter the condition. Find out how to schedule workflows
  • Page visits are only tracked when contacts get to your page using a link in a message. Once they click the link, we’ll use a tracking cookie that will track all the subsequent visits to the page. If there are subsequent visits to the page, it won’t be necessary to open the page from the link to the message, the contact can just open the page by typing in the address or from the browser history. In order to track all visits, it will be necessary to add the JavaScript code.