How to add promo codes to my popup form or inline content?

You can add promo codes to your GetResponse popup forms or inline content. In this way, you can attract more contacts to subscribe to your list or encourage them to purchase your product.

The following article applies to our brand new Forms and Popups editor. Legacy editor help can be found here.

How to add promo codes to the popup or inline content

To add promo codes to your popup or inline content:

1. Go to Forms and Popups and click on the name of your form.

2. Click Edit design.

3. Click on a plus icon to see possible elements to add.

4. Click on Promo code, drag it, and drop it in the right place inside your form.

5. Select your promo code from the drop-down list.

You can choose already created promo codes from the dropdown list.
You can check how to create them here.

6. After selecting your promo code, it will appear in the popup form.