How can webinar attendees add feedback to on-demand webinars?

Attendees can leave their feedback while watching your on-demand webinar. You can use this tool in order to gather opinions from your contacts and improve your future materials.

How can attendees leave a message to the organizer?

  1. Open the link to on-demand webinar, provide your name, email address and click Join now.

  2. Click Click here to play.

  3. Click Leave Message.

  4. You will see a pop-up window in which you can leave your message to the organizer. Click Send to send the message.

  5. Once the message is sent, you will see a notification.

How can I check messages from my attendees?

  1. Go to Tools > Webinars.
  2. Access On-demand webinars tab.
  3. If you have any feedback from your attendees, you will see the banner at the top of the page.

  4. You can close the banner by clicking “x” icon or it will be hidden automatically after you download feedback.

  5. Hover the mouse over 3 dots next to your webinar and select Download feedback.

Note: Feedback will be downloaded to .csv file.

The file contains email addresses of the attendees who left feedback, feedback content, video timestamp when feedback was left and feedback creation date.

Once you download feedback, the banner at the top will disappear automatically.