Where to find my webinar statistics?

There are several ways to access your webinar statistics:

  • You can find detailed statistics for all your webinars, as well as for specific events under Reports.
  • You can access any single webinar statistics via Tools > Webinars > hover over the Actions menu beside any webinar > Reports.
  • On the Manage webinars page, you can check basic data about your webinar(s), such as the number of invitations sent, visits, registrants, and attendees.

    webinar basic stats

How to access webinar statistics

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click on Webinars on the left side panel.
    This will open your Webinar analytics page.
  3. Select one or multiple webinars or one or multiple lists webinars are linked with.
  4. Select the date period.

    Webinar statistics

  5. Scroll down to see detailed information about the start time, number of sent invitations, visits, registrants, and attendees.

    Webinar statistics

  6. Hover over the actions menu beside a webinar to see specific statistics related to that webinar. You have several options to choose from.

    webinar statistics

  7. Scroll down to see webinar Attendance over time graph.

    Attendance over time

How to generate a webinar report

  1. Go to Tools > Webinars.
  2. Hover over 3 dots next to your webinar and click Reports.

  3. In the reports section click on the Generate report button on the right side.

  4. A pop-up will appear in which you will be able to choose the format of your webinar report as well as its name. You can generate your report in PDF, XLSX, and CSV formats.

The report contains:

  • A meeting summary—meeting name, link, length, organizer.
  • An attendee summary—device statistics, country information, the number of attendees, invitations, and connection history.

How to download survey statistics

To download survey statistics:

  1. Go to Webinars.
  2. Hover over the Actions menu (vertical ellipsis) beside your webinar.
  3. Select Survey results under the Download section.

The CSV file will include your respondent’s email address along with their replies and the scores they’ve acquired. If there was more than one poll during a webinar, you’ll get a ZIP archive with separate files for each poll.

How to download the attendance length report

To download the attendance length report:

  1. Go to Webinars.
  2. Hover over the Actions menu (vertical ellipsis) beside your webinar.
  3. Select Attendance length report under the Download section.

The XLSX file will include the statistics of the time spent for each attendee of the webinar, including the email address, total time in minutes, the join time and the exit time. The data for the host, presenters and attendees is included in the report. Each webinar session will be presented in a separate sheet. The timestamps in the report are set in the local time for the GetResponse account.

Common issues with webinar statistics

My attendee statistics are not available. Why?

Attendee statistics become available after the webinar ends and everybody leaves the room. The attendees can join and leave the room at any time. Some of them can leave and join your conference several times. This is common when people experience network issues.

When your webinar is in progress, the room application maintains the connection but doesn’t do the counting in real time. When the webinar is over and everybody exits the room, the server closes the connections, we start to aggregate and analyze attendee data. We need to make sure we don’t give you false results counting visits that were interrupted and resumed. This takes time so please bear with us until the stats are available.

How are unique statistics counted?

Unique statistics give you information about the number of distinct visitors, attendees, and participants. If a person enters and re-enters your webinar session, we record it as two visits from one attendee. In other words, we count each participant only once.

With unique statistics, you know the number of attendees you actually had. This information is more helpful than the number of times someone re-entered your webinar.

How are unique visits counted?

To track unique visitors, we count how many times your webinar URL was accessed from different computers in 30-minute intervals.

Unique registrants and attendees are tracked based on their email addresses.