How to verify a website’s domain in Facebook Business Manager?

Note: If you want to use the domain for your landing page, please use the following instructions.

What is a domain verification?

You can verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager to claim ownership of your domain. The ownership lets you prevent misuse of your domain. Please visit this page to learn in what cases you may need domain verification.

Facebook Business Manager offers three different ways of domain verification. In GetResponse, you can add a meta tag to the <head> section of your domain home page. Once you add and verify your domain as shown below, the meta tag will be added to the <head> section automatically.

Note: To complete the process, you need to switch between your GetResponse and Facebook Business Manager accounts.

Before you begin:

You need to have a Facebook Business Manager account.

You also need to complete the following steps:

How do I add my domain in Facebook Business Manager?

  1. In Business Manager, click on the Business Settings tab in the left side menu.
    Facebook Business Manager and Business Settings shown
  2. In Business Settings, click on the Brand Safety (1) tab, select Domains (2), and click on the Add (3) button.

    Path Brand Safety Domains Add shown
  3. Enter your domain name, e.g., in the Add a Domain pop-up dialog and click on the Add Domain button.

    Add a Domain pop up window shown.
  4. Your domain will be then listed under Domains section. Click on the Mega-tag Verification tab (1) and copy the meta-tag (2).

    Meta-tag Verification tab and copy tag shown.

Note: After you have copied the meta tag, you need to switch to your GetResponse account to add it.

How do I add a Facebook meta-tag to my domain in GetResponse?

  1. In your GetResponse account, go to Tools in the top-left corner of the dashboard and click Website builder.
  2. Hover over the vertical ellipsis on the right and click on Edit.
  3. Click on Manage pages.
    manage pages
  4. Hover over the vertical ellipsis beside Home and click Settings.
    website settings
  5. Click on <head> element tab.
    edit head in website builder
  6. Paste the meta-tag from Facebook and close the pop-up window (it saves automatically).
  7. Once you click the Save button, another window will pop up asking you to finish verification in Facebook Business Manager. Go back to the Meta-tag Verification page and click on the green Verify button.

How do I know if my domain is verified?

Once your domain is successfully verified, you will see a green dot next to your domain name in your Facebook Business Manager account. When you hover over the dot, a black window will pop up saying that your domain is verified.

Domain status verified shown.

Can I add a Facebook meta-tag to a subdomain?

If you redirect your domain to a GetResponse website by changing DNS settings of your domain and would like to assign a subdomain to another website, then you need to add the meta-tag to the main domain only.

If your domain name is and you would like to have a subdomain, then you need to add and verify the meta tag for and it will also be applied to automatically.

Note: If you have a website on your domain or you use an email address connected to it and don’t want to lose access to them, don’t use GetResponse nameservers.

In such cases, you can still assign a subdomain to a GetResponse website, but we won’t have access to your domain because it doesn’t use GetResponse nameservers. Please note that in such a situation you need to decide which verification process is best for you and you will need to do the verification yourself.

Why can’t I verify my domain?

Domain verification in Facebook Business Manager can be done only for a published website. Please make sure that your website is published before you start verifying your domain.