How to save a legacy landing page template so that I may re-use my design?

If you’d like to re-use one of your landing page designs, you can save it as a template. This template lets you use your design as a starting point for landing pages you create in future.

Saving a template

1. To save your landing page template, create a new landing page, or open the existing landing page you’d like to use.

2. Click the save button from the top-right corner of the editor.

Save landing page button.

3. Choose save as template from this menu. In the save template window that appears, enter a name for your new template. This name helps you locate your template when creating a new landing page.

4. After entering a template name, click the save button. This will save a copy of your template on the templates page. You can access this template when creating a new landing page. You can then exit the landing page editor.

Save template window.

Using a template

1. To find your new template, navigate to Landing pages from the dashboard. From here, select create landing page.

2. This will bring you to the templates page. From the left menu of this page, click the my templates option. Templates you create yourself are found in this section.

My templates section.

3. Click the template. It will open in the landing page editor, where you can make your changes before publishing.

Note: You can rename or delete your template from the my templates section. Click the three vertical dots next to the template’s name to find these options.