How to create Google Ads in GetResponse?

Google Ads will allow you to market your business to contacts with even more precision. They make it possible to target your potential customers when they search for specific keywords on Google.

Google Ads integration will make it simpler to reach your contacts where they are and while they are looking for a specific business. Our simple step-by-step editor will guide you through the process.

The ads you create can show in specific areas and for specific languages and they will be displayed both on desktop and mobile.

Before you begin:

Initial creation

  1. Go to Paid Ads and click Create Ad.
  2. Pick a goal. You can either generate new leads or engage with your audience.

    creating Google Ad
    • With Bring new leads you can encourage people to sign up or provide their contact information. Selecting that option lets you select Search ad with lead form and add a subscription form to your ad in later steps.

      Google Ads - search ad with lead form
    • Engage audience helps to get more visits to your website. Selecting that option lets you choose Search ad (for ads without a subscription form) or List or segment targeting (for Facebook Ads).

      Google Ads engage audience options
  1. Enter a name for your ad.
  2. Click on Details in Google Ads account section to see your connected account. You can also go to the integration page from there to connect your Google Ads account or select the account you want to use in case you have more than one.


The Content section is where you specify how your ad looks like.

There are several subsections in it.


Think of five things you’d like people to know about your offer. Include search terms people may have entered. Start with the most important message because smaller screens may not display all the headlines.

  1. Click Create content.
  2. Provide Headlines 1 to 5 (up to 30 characters).
  3. Provide 3 additional Headlines (optional, up to 30 characters).
    Based on the device and its resolution, Google decides how many headlines will be displayed, so keep this in mind when adding them.


Add the address of the site that your ad leads to and customize the URL as it appears in your ad to attract more customers.

  1. Add the URL to which the ad will redirect people.
  2. Change how the URL looks like by changing display URL (optional). Each path can have up to 15 characters. The display URL appears in your ad but the paths may not always show. Add paths to give people a preview of what they’ll find on your site. You can use phrases that mirror your keywords, headlines, or description. It can look like this:
    Edit URL.


Give people any additional information about your business.

  1. Add Description 1 and 2 (required, up to 90 characters).
  2. Add one or two additional desctriptions (optional, up to 90 characters). Based on the device and its resolution, Google decides which description will be displayed, so keep this in mind when adding it.
    Edit descriptions.

Add form to your ad

This is only available in Search ad with lead form option.

You can add a subscription form to your ad and here you will be able to select how it appears in the ad.

  1. Select a list the contacts will subscribe to.
  2. Select call to action text that appears on the form’s button.
  3. Enter description (required, up to 30 characters).

    Google Ads forms

Create your lead form

This is only available in Search ad with lead form option.

The subscription form will appear after clicking on the call to action button.

  1. Enter your Business name (up to 25 characters).
  2. Enter Headline which will appear under your business name (up to 30 characters).
  3. Enter Description (up to 200 characters).
  4. You can also add a phone number field to the form (optional).
  5. You need to also provide a link to your Privacy policy.

Create your form submission message

This is only available in Search ad with lead form option.

The submission message is a thank you message that will show after filling the form.

  1. Enter the Thank-you headline which will appear under your business name (up to 30 characters).
  2. Enter the Thank-you message (up to 200 characters).
  3. Select Call-to-action button text (optional) and do paste its Destination URL.


Another step is to specify the audience for your ad. You can specify it in two areas.

Locations and languages

  1. Select Languages for which your ad should reach to from the dropdown menu (optional).
  2. In the Location box, type in the name of the country, area, state, or city to which you want to target the ad.


With keywords you target people searching for your offer. Pick words or phrases that will match your ad with relevant search terms. You can use both positive and negative keywords.

How to choose keywords?
You can try specific keywords like “women’s designer glasses” to show your ad to people searching for a particular product. Use general keywords like “glasses” to reach a wider audience.

What are negative keywords?
These are words or phrases that will prevent your ad from showing up in matching search results.
For example, add “water” as a negative keyword and your ad won’t appear in search results for glassware.

To add keywords:

  1. Select the keywords from your previous ads to make the process faster (optional).
  2. Provide the keywords for which your ad should appear.
  3. Provide negative keywords to exclude your ad from these searches.

Runtime and budget

The last step will be to set up the runtime of your ad and its budget.

Start with the ad runtime. You can control how long your ad should run. You can set it to start today or schedule for later to time it with your promotions and special offers.

  1. Select the start date.
  2. You can keep I want to run this ad indefinitely selected, or untick it.
  3. Provide the end date for your ad (optional).

As the last step, set up the budget for your ad by deciding how much you want to spend daily using a slider.

Monthly calculation will be shown below.

You can edit your budget later to help your ad earn more clicks.

Google Ads Budget

Click Save once you’re done.

The last step is to click Create Ad to set your ad as active.