Can there be more presenters than just me?

During each webinar there can be up to three presenters including you. Also, you can grant presenter privileges to any participant.

To grant presenter privileges, click the participant’s name and select Make presenter from the Actions section. Use this feature to grant video and voice streaming to attendees who can contribute to your presentation or to a team member who can help moderate the chat feature. In addition, all presenters can use the presentation tool, whiteboard, desktop sharing, YouTube player, and polling feature.

How do I invite guest presenters?

To invite guest presenters go to Webinars. Locate your webinar and hover your mouse over the Actions menu and click on Invite guest presenters.

Click on Copy to copy the link that can be shared with up to 2 guest presenters. The guest presenters will be able to enter their name and email address to join your webinar as a presenter.