Can I integrate my account with Qiwi?

Integrate Qiwi to process online credit or debit card payments on your GetResponse order forms. Set up a sales page and we’ll add the order form for you. This way, your customers will be able to pay for your product directly on the page.

You can disconnect the integration at any time.

To activate this integration, you’ll need the following credentials from your Qiwi account:

  • secret authorization key

Connect GetResponse and Qiwi accounts

To generate your secret account key:

  1. Login to your Qiwi account and select Reception of translations >> API.
  2. Click on Create a key pair and configure.
  3. Enter name (it’s up to you what name to use) and make the checkbox Use this key pair for server alerts..
  4. Enter alert URL.
    • for SMB account –,
    • for MX account –

Once you’ve copied the key, go to your GetResponse account:

  1. Go to Menu and click Integrations and API.
  2. Click Details over the Qiwi integration.
  3. Click Connect to start the integration process.
  4. Provide your secret authorization key.
  5. Click Connect.

Now you’ll be able to use Qiwi as your payment processor on order pages. Qiwi will allow payment via both credit card or the Qiwi wallet.

Qiwi payment options.

How do I disconnect Qiwi integration?

You can disconnect from your GetResponse account. Go to Menu >> Integrations >> Qiwi and click Disconnect to stop the integration.

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