Grow Your List from Day One with the GetResponse List Building Program
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Grow Your List from Day One with the GetResponse List Building Program

Growing your contact list got you stumped? Maybe you have an email list already, but it’s getting stale, and you’re losing contacts through unsubscribes and bounces? No matter your level of list building or online marketing experience, establishing and then continuing to grow your contact list is an unavoidable factor in growing and maintaining your business.

List building program

List growth + key online marketing skills = a win-win combination

Here at GetResponse, we are familiar with the struggle and effort marketers face when first establishing their online business and email list. We also know how to keep the list growing with new contacts as the natural list depredation process sets in.

We’ve created the GetResponse List Building Program to help marketers deal with just that.

90 free video lessons and complementary downloads

We designed the program to help you build an engaged email list and increase your sales – in just 90 days. The program is available for free for all GetResponse customers. You just need an account to get started.

Throughout the program you’ll learn how to:

  • develop an email marketing strategy
  • optimize your site to increase signups
  • find new traffic sources
  • write and maintain an engaging blog
  • create strategic partnerships
  • plan and host webinars
  • pump up your social media presence
  • create marketing videos
  • and more

Want a sneak peek? Check out a sample lesson:

After completing the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges you as a list building expert.

Ready to go?

Let’s get started! Join the program today and start building that list.

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What have been your biggest struggles when working to get your email list and business off the ground? What are some marketing skills you would like to learn?

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