Henry Diaz Case Study: Artist and Freedom-preneur

For centuries, artists have depended upon gallery owners to sell their artwork.  But today’s Internet has changed the business model, allowing them to go straight to the public. As artists embraced this model, some discovered a hidden talent for marketing and devised new ways to bring added value to a worldwide audience. In today’s case study, we profile one such artist and provide a fascinating glimpse into his newly discovered business model: freedom-preneur.

Historically, those who sought a career in the arts faced tremendous difficulties. Economically, there were two stereotypes: superstar and starving artist — an impoverished person laboring to produce art that, in all likelihood, might not sell. But Henry Diaz and other talented young artists around the globe are shattering those stereotypes, using modern marketing methods to forge careers in the arts.

Early in his career, Henry realized he had to learn to organize his workflow, stay motivated and manage his time effectively. So he got to work and mastered the fundamentals of online marketing:

  • Building an email marketing list
  • Engaging them with great content
  • Making offers via email

His challenge was to find an easy way to stay in touch with his audience. At first, he tried using manual systems and a standard email program. It worked, but he found he couldn’t maintain the workflow using such a labor-intensive process.

Choosing the right tools

Henry tried several email marketing programs but couldn’t find one that included all the features he was looking for. When he discovered GetResponse, he was delighted to find that it gave him all the capabilities he needed and came with an interface that made marketing easy.

  • Email Creator for designing professional-quality emails from template or from scratch with just a few clicks
  • Landing Page Creator for email campaigns integrated with web pages for publishing in-depth content, attracting sign-ups, and driving sales
  • Autoresponders for delivering the same great email experience to an entire database or to targeted segments
  • A/B Testing for using small-sample mailings to evaluate campaign effectiveness prior to full-list distribution

“Because my business is all about managing time effectively – the first thing I noticed when using GetResponse was how much time I saved while completing the tasks for my email marketing campaigns. This and their low-cost strategy got me hooked.” —Henry Diaz

Expanding the opportunities

As he achieved success, Henry found that others in the arts community were a lot like him. They had that the passion to succeed but not the skills. They needed to learn to be self-sufficient in promoting and selling their art. So he launched an online coaching service called Stepping Into Freedom to help talented people reach their dreams.

Today, he shares his knowledge freely, to expand his audience and keep them engaged. And he introduces them to what he has been able to accomplish with GetResponse.

“My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve gained with others who aren’t yet living their dream, to help make it a reality for them.”  —Henry Diaz

Results matter

Henry noticed an immediate improvement after switching to GetResponse.

  • His subscribers opened his emails four times more often — an increase of 400%.
  • His click-through ratio improved 46%.
  • Best of all, his automated client-engagement program left him free to focus on building his career as a Freedom-preneur.

“Choosing GetResponse is the best decision I could have made for my business. In the past I was working with two other autoresponder services, and the experience commonly left me frustrated and feeling as though my time was being wasted. I also faced problems in the analytics and tracking they were able to provide. This all changed when I gave GetResponse a shot. .” —Henry Diaz

How about you?

If you’re ready to kick your business into high gear, we’re here to help. The GetResponse team is constantly developing new ways for marketers to enhance their business. But we keep it simple, to enable entrepreneurs like Henry Diaz — and you — to implement profitable campaigns fast. And when you need a little help, our Customer Success Team is available 24/7.

 “Speed of response is the name of the support game for me, and GetResponse support is really fast. On top of that, they are kind and knowledgeable, which makes it a pleasant experience, even if I am reaching out about an issue I’m having.” —Henry Diaz

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