A Guide to Creating a Compelling Email Message #Infographic
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A Guide to Creating a Compelling Email Message #Infographic

Once in a while it’s good to take some time off and get back to basics with all the experience you’ve gathered so far. The ability to craft effective messages is a fundamental skill for every email-marketer. That is why this time we have prepared an infographic, which presents the 6 most important elements in an email message and provides you with a basic guide to creating a compelling email message.

I advise you to schedule some time in your busy calendar exclusively for browsing through your email messages in search for improvements. I’m absolutely sure that you will come up with new ideas that might increase KPIs in your email marketing campaigns.

But if you’re stuck for ideas, make sure that you follow the email marketing best practices and go through the infographic below.

How to create a compelling email message:

  1. Switch to responsive design
  2. Personalize your messages
  3. Express your brand’s identity
  4. Always test before sending

The envelope

The envelope is a phrase describing the three elements crucial to your Open Rate. It consists of the following elements:

  • The sender
  • The subject line
  • Preheader

They are visible in the email client before opening a message. Use the envelope to attract subscribers and make them want to see what’s inside your email.


The header appears in the preview pane of an email client. Use this element to capture their interest and make them want to see the whole message.


This is the section with a call to action – the most important element of your message. Think carefully about the purpose of your email and make sure that it is easy to understand for your subscribers.


You can use the footer to increase engagement and build trust. Take a look at the footer in your template, it’s a good idea to add social media buttons, an unsubscribe link, and your postal address.

A basic guide to creating a compelling email message

Here are a few tips worth considering, if you would like to get the best possible result of your email marketing activities:

1. Switch to responsive design

More and more users use mobile devices for email. According to Experian Marketing Services’ Q3 2014 Email Benchmark Report – 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet.

You should no longer rely on desktop when planning your email marketing campaigns. Fortunately, if you use GetResponse email creator your messages are responsive and look great on all devices.

2. Personalize your messages

Your subscribers provide you with a lot of useful information – use it in order to prepare great content targeted for the right audience. Use the personalized messages to build brilliant relationships that result in high ROI.

3. Express your brand’s identity

Your email marketing efforts are the pillar of your brands communications. It will shape your subscriber’s perception of your brand. Make sure it communicates your brand’s personality in a way that you want it to be perceived.

4. Always test before sending

You can never put too much emphasis on testing, so let me say that again – you should always test your messages before you send them. Check the copy for typos and make sure that the template looks great in different email clients. Use multiple devices to see if your message looks great on different platforms.

Now, enjoy our infographic and let it serve as a reminder and summary of what you need to remember in your email marketing. Share with us in the comments below how you stay relevant in your email messages! 

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