Facelift for our Facebook Web Form App
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Facelift for our Facebook Web Form App

As we informed you some time ago, we’ve been working on improving our Facebook sign-up form application. So here it is. Since a few things have changed, here are updated A-Z instructions for you so you can add it to your Facebook fan page and start collecting sign-ups right away.

This article was last edited on November 23, 2018

Some time ago, we’ve launched our new list building feature – The Forms. With the List Builder Wizard and List Builder Apps you can build just about any type of signup form you can imagine and put it on your website quickly.

On top of that, we’ve also updated our Facebook Web Form App. If you haven’t used it yet, take a look at our full installation guide below. If you have, however, there’s no need to install it again. It will update itself automatically 🙂

How to install the GetResponse Web Form on your Facebook Page

Below you’ll see the step-by-step guide on how you can install the GetResponse Web Forms on your own Facebook Page.

Please bear in mind that due to Facebook’s recent changes to the API, installing custom tabs and applications using them, is only available if:

  • You’ve installed the plugin before Facebook made their changes to the API
  • You’ve got over 2,000 likes
  • The application is whitelisted (We’re working on that!)

Once you’ve met these requirements, this is the process you should go through to start building your email list with GetResponse Web Forms on your Facebook page.

1. Log in to Facebook and go to the application


2. Click “Add to Fan Page”

Add to Fan Page

Note: If you’ve not met the requirements I’ve listed above, this is the screen you’ll probably see.

Facebook custom tab no permission

3. First, authorize the app and from the list of fan pages for which you are the admin, choose the one you want to add the sign-up form to and click the “Add Page Tab” button

Facebook App authorization
Add GetResponse Web Form to a Facebook Page

4. Now go to your page and you’ll see a new “Sign up” tab in the Page tabs section.

A new “Sign up” tab in the Page tabs section

Here you can also change the default Application Thumbnail Icon and its name. Just click Manage Tabs » Sign up Settings » Edit Settings » Custom Tab Image and Custom Tab Name.

Edit sign up settings
Click Manage Tabs to change the default application name and thumbnail icon

Upload an icon of your choice (the dimensions must be 111 pixels high x 74 pixels wide and less than 1MB in size).

5. Then, click the application tab and you’ll see a box to log in to your GetResponse account (this will allow you to sync your GetResponse account with the app). Just fill in the API key to log in. (check where to find your API key)

Authorize your GetResponse account

After you log in, you’ll see the Settings box where you can:

  • Choose the campaign you want to add your new subscribers to
  • Choose the web form from a dropdown window
  • Align the form (left/center/right)
  • Add the text you want to be displayed on the tab – a message to encourage visitors to sign up and to explain what they will receive
    Note: basic HTML tags are allowed: <div> <p> <span> <a> <br> <h1> <h2> <h3> <style> <b> <u> <i> Adding images is not allowed.
  • Adjust the position of the additional text
Facebook Web Forms Settings

7. Now click “Save” and you’re done! You can also preview your tab at any time as well as make any necessary adjustments.

If you try to put a sign-up form on your Facebook Page but have not yet selected a campaign or created a form in your GetResponse account, you’ll get the following alert.

Facebook Web Forms Settings Alert

Go to your GetResponse account and create a form for your campaign, then go back to the fan page and click “Go back to Settings”. You’ll now be able to choose the form and adjust the settings of your sign-up tab.

Once you’re done with the edits, your Facebook Sign-up can look just like the one below.

An example Facebook Web Form

A few extra tips

If you want to create a perfect sign-up form and need some inspiration, here are some best practices and cool tips from marketers that can help you improve your sign-up process. Read this article to learn how you can make your subscription offer stand out?

Also, watch out for any external graphics you’ve added to your sign-up form. Since it’s now mandatory to use secure browsing (https) for all Facebook apps (including ours), all content must be added via https also, which means you’ll need to host it via services that use the SSL protocol. Otherwise, Facebook will keep warning you that you’re trying to access unsecure locations while using the application.

We really hope the new app will make setting up your Facebook sign-up forms much easier.

Do let us know if you have any questions or problems – we’ll gladly help you out!

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