7 Blog Topics Everyone Will Share in 2017
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7 Blog Topics Everyone Will Share in 2017

Content is king – an expression that you’ve probably heard a million times before. Surely, quality content is something you can benefit from. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the word about your writing is going to be spread around. And we all know the benefits one could reap from a viral post. On top of that, if your aim was to get traffic through your [awesome] blog post, and you failed – well, you will be quite disappointed, right?

There isn’t a magic formula to start a blog, or even write a post that would be instantly loved by everyone. However, if you do a thorough research, you will see that in 2017, some topics are extremely popular…and some certainly are not.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the research, so by the end of this post, I will try to give you insights and tips on writing blog posts that will get you those shares!

…before I start:

Let’s make one thing clear – a viral post doesn’t (always) mean a high-quality post. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should only focus on clickbait titles or spin posts that already made it to the top of the trending lists, but focusing on popular topics here and there will certainly be helpful.

That being said, let’s just take a look at some social sharing numbers of the most trending articles this year:

Image source: Buzzstream screenshot

Wow – these guys surely knew how to engage their readers and boost their social shares! You should do your best to do the same.

A blast from the past:

Before you start your next big blog post topic, why don’t we remind ourselves what was trendy back in the ‘90s.

  • Online diaries were the very first forms of blogs where people were writing about their personal live. However, they weren’t called bloggers but diarists or escribitionists. These types of websites could be found today as well, but they are different from
  • Programming was quite a popular topic back in the old days and John Carmack was a very successful pioneer in this field. Posts regarding coding and programming in general are still something that people are very keen on reading.
  • Gaming is another topic that was and remained favored in the online community. Believe it or not, but Shacknews and Blue’s News are blogs that are still live. Despite all the updates, these blogs still have that good-old-90s look, just perfect if you are feeling nostalgic.
  • Music and updates regarding your favorite band are something all the fans wish to find easy. And is there a better place than the blog? Poster Children realized this long time ago and their website is still live (…but not updated).

Now, let’s get to the 2017 trends, as promised.

Blog topics everyone will share in 2017:


1. Small business and entrepreneurship

Have you noticed that Instagram accounts and posts regarding entrepreneurship are popping out like never before?

instagram hashtag search of popular blog topics - entrepreneur
Image source: Instagram screenshot

Same goes with blogs on a similar topic, like small business.

Entrepreneurs, founders and small business owners are people that usually want to learn as much as possible, although they don’t have too much time. This is a fact that you should certainly utilize – start following all business related news feeds and compile all the most important facts into blog posts. If you are not sure how to sort out news that are likely to be read by entrepreneurs, just try to think as one – What problems are you facing? What types of information would be useful for you? What big companies are good examples of growth? and so on.

Short case study: Smartpassiveincome

Pat Flynn is the it entrepreneur nowadays. If you read his bio you will see that his blog was his side career in the beginning. However, Smartpassiveincome is now generating over a million dollars monthly (and Pat is proudly sharing his income reports).  By teaching others to make passive income, Pat is getting more and more zeroes on his bank account. Basically, he is blogging about all the tips and tricks that he learned on his way to success.

Tip to start:

As you can see from these examples – you don’t need to start as an expert, just share your honest story how you made it (because you surely will succeed!). Since you are starting an entrepreneur career yourself, make sure you share your journey on your blog and who knows, maybe that will be the X factor that will distinguish your blog from others!

2. Travel

Feeling wanderlust or fernweh are slang expressions that are much more than just trendy words. Despite all the terrorist attacks, the recent boom in the travel industry is a proof that people are keen on exploring the world more than ever. And they love reading useful advice regarding it. The timing is just perfect to start your dream job (because travel blogging can be one, without doubts). 

Short case study: Theblondeabroad

Kiersten is a great example that even though you have a stable career (a job you are not that eager to do), by pursuing your dream you can create your own happily ever after. Kiersten started traveling as a volunteer and soon after she became a blogger, she was followed by half a million people! She isn’t dating a sheikh like many people gossip, on the contrary. On her blog she gives advice how to travel on a tight budget and what are the ways to make money out of (travel) blogging. Yup, exactly everything you need to start your own blog.

Tip to start:

You don’t need to wait until you travel the world to start writing about it. Moreover, you don’t have to start from your own experience. Why not choose some great insight info on travel forums or communities and turn them into engaging blog posts. Find photos (not the same ones seen a million times before), create a blog with a website builder and you are all set!

3. Recipes

A couple of years ago one of the most trending topics online was dieting. Nowadays, however, it’s all about a healthy lifestyle, especially eating well. Therefore, it is no surprise that homemade recipes are embraced among a wide online audience. Even fashion bloggers and influencers, such as Chiara Ferragni or Aimee Song are promoting healthy eating through their Instagram posts.

One more benefit of running a recipes blog is a very wide target audience: from housewives and stay-at-home moms to hipster-trendsetters and busy career-chasers.  Even if you are a clumsy cook, don’t worry – the Internet is full of (healthy) recipes and it is your job just to find the best ones and turn them into tasty blog posts!

Short case study: Loveandlemons

Jeanine and Jack are the foodie couple behind this homemade-recipes blog and they are doing a great job. They have been blogging for six years now, and their blog is their main source of income nowadays. They are making all the food by themselves, but as mentioned above- this doesn’t necessary have to be the case. Jeanine’s food pics can also be a perfect example of how to show off  your food masterpieces. That’s probably the reason a huge amount of Loveandlemon’s traffic comes from Pinterest (and a great hack for you to try out!):

love and lemons website receives most of their referral traffic from pinterest
Image source: Similarweb screenshot

Tip to start:

If you absolutely have no ideas where to find healthy recipes that weren’t published before, join some mom-communities! Facebook groups and forums where moms share their advice about cooking for their children can be a great source of inspiration. Furthermore, communities for vegans or cross-fit fans are also places to look when writing your next blog post.

4. Mommy blogs

There is no doubt that mommies are taking over the blogging community – just check out how many new mommy blogs are popping out on a daily basis! Not to mention forums and other communities. Well, moms are a target audience that is not so easy to please. However, if they find your posts useful there is a huge chance that they will go viral in no time. Yup, moms are not selfish when it comes to sharing advice! Whether you are a mom or not, you should take advantage of this community and start a blog. 

Short case study: Coolmompicks

Liz Gumbinneris is one cool mom. And she has a cool blog for other cool moms. Well, it turned out that almost 500 thousand moms became Liz’s regular monthly followers. Liz and her friend Kirsten started this (cool) blog back in 2006 just for fun. However, their blog posts everything from DIY, beauty and style, party ideas, travel ideas and much more. Liz and Kirsten stayed dedicated to their blog but shared much more that diaper-changing advice which differs them from other mommy-niche blogs.

Tip to start:

Do research on what moms ask on forums and try to write blog posts where you will provide them with few practical solutions (that you can also find on forums). You can also organize a giveaway or a photo contest – moms just love it. Dove had a great contest a while ago – Real beauty should be shared, use it as a good example and boost your social shares.

dove real beauty campaign
Image source: Facebook screenshot

5. Make money online

Advising people on how to make (passive) income online is a no-brainer topic. Just take a look at Quora’s most popular answers and you’ll realize that your potential target audience is very wide.

quora is another option for researching the interest in your blog topics.

And Quora is just an example. The Internet is packed with people seeking to find useful answers on this topic and once they do – they will share it, ask for other tips etc. Not only will you reap the benefits of the shares, but you might even find a good way to make some extra money as well!

Short case study: Shoemoney

Jeremy is very proud how his life turned out: from a “loser” that hasn’t graduated to a millionaire that can teach you how to be rich just by making money online. He loves to share his story and tips from personal experience and has even created an Infographic about it. A decade ago, in 2007, he got his first $132,000 check from Google! Ever since, his business is growing rapidly: AuctionAds, ShoeMoney, EliteRetriet, NextPimp, FreeSEOreport and so on. And it all started with His skills to pay the bills, as he likes to point out.

Tip to start:

Since there are quite a few ways to earn money online, why opt just for one? If you are still not in the position to blog just about your personal path of becoming rich (online), then blog about affiliate, online trading, AdSense and other passive income channels.

6. Online marketing

Have you noticed that almost everybody is a digital marketing expert today? Okay, everybody does sound a bit harsh, however you must agree that there are really a lot of self-proclaimed online marketing gurus. Surely, some of them don’t even know how to market their own blogs, but on the other hand there are genuine experts who are gaining a lot of readers, shares and dollars every day. Luckily for you, nowadays it is all about an online presence so learning how to make the most out of it has a potential to attract a huge number of readers. Position yourself as an SEO, PPC or SMM expert and enjoy seeing your tips all across social media!

Short case studies: Rand Fishkin and Kimra Luna

Rand Fishkin is the CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz, a leader in the field of search engine optimization tools, resources & community- according to Wikipedia. However, if you are even a bit into digital marketing you probably understand that Rand’s whiteboard and MOZ are the something like the SEO Bible. Rand succeeded in earning a couple of million dollars per year, positioning himself as one of the most followed Quora bloggers and becoming one of the best (or maybe the best) in his niche in general.

If you think that you can never become successful as Rand, check out Freedomhackers a blog and community started by 29 year old (now millionaire) Kimra Luna. She is famous for her growth hacking skills, but it all started with digital marketing basics. Just look at the numbers of her freedom community:

Kimra Luna's Facebook group is evidence that digital marketing and growth hacking is one of the more popular blog topics of 2017
Image source: Facebook screenshot

Tip to start:

Read some web marketing guides as a place to start learning about the online marketing trends and expand your knowledge by joining some growth hacker and digital marketing communities. Read carefully all the hacks that are shared and compile them into blog posts. Shares guaranteed.

7. Fashion

Fashion blogs and pics are always welcomed on social media. Stunning, chic, or extreme outfits are something people like to share, comment and like for years now. In 2017, all of you who have a passion for fashion still have a huge chance to establish a successful blog. Furthermore, you can expand your fashion knowledge on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

If you think that your target audience are only females in their early twenties — think again! Both males and females, housewives and businessmen, baby boomers and millennials are seeking for outfit advice or just enjoy seeing a fashion no-no.

Short case study: Kenza Zouiten

Kenzas.se is a blog that was started from a pure love for fashion by Kenza Zouiten with no intention to make her hit the list of most influential women under 30 or to make a fortune. Well, the blogging side benefits really paid off, didn’t they? Kenzas.se is a perfect example of a blog that is popular among a wide range of audience:

referral traffic can be a good measure on if you chose your blog topics wisely
Image source: Similarweb screenshot
examine audience interests when choosing blog topics
Image source: Similarweb screenshot

Tip to start: If you don’t want to present your personal (fashionable) wardrobe, you can always blog about trends in general, mix & match Instagram and Pinterest posts, street style in your city etc.

…3,2,1… start that blog!

These blog topics have a huge potential to gain you a lot of traffic from the social media, however don’t expect magic to work overnight. All the bloggers that were featured in the success stories were committed to their blog, worked hard and stayed focused. There is no reason that you won’t make it as well, so pick a potentially viral topic and go start that blog!

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