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50 Newsletter Ideas to Keep Your Email Calendar Busy

12 min

Looking for fresh newsletter ideas that’ll get your subscribers clicking?

Then you’re in luck! This blog post is packed with engaging content ideas and topics you can use to make your newsletters more impactful (and fun!)

Whether you’re trying to spice up your existing newsletter or you just decided to start one in 2023 this article is for you.

Before we begin, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

What is a newsletter?

An email newsletter (or e-newsletter, online newsletter) is an email message sent to subscribers on a regular schedule. Newsletters are used along the customer journey, assisting subscribers with relevant content that helps them perform actions you expect them to perform.

You can use newsletters to keep in touch with your subscribers, prospects, and customers along the customer journey. Well-planned email newsletters provide subscribers with relevant information and help them in the decision-making process. Also, they help you achieve business goals.

Pro tip: Read our guide to learn about the fundamentals of email marketing and follow these email marketing best practices for skyrocketing ROI in 2023. And if you’re just getting started, you’ll also benefit from this guide on how to create an email newsletter.

50 newsletter ideas with examples

Coming up with fresh newsletter ideas can be challenging, but it gets easier if you know what objectives you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re serious about your email marketing strategy, you’ll want to ensure that your every email has a clear goal.

Only when you know the goals, you’ll know which email metrics you should pay attention to. Equally so, you’ll know which email marketing campaigns affect your bottom line the most.

To help you get more value out of this article, we divided the following 50 newsletter ideas by the business goals they serve.

We split them up into 5 categories:

Newsletter ideas with examples

As you already know, the most important thing is to set a goal for your newsletter. That’s why we would like to present the newsletter ideas from the goal perspective. It’s so much easier to come up with awesome newsletter content ideas when you’ve set the right goal.

Goal: Product presentation – show (and sell) the product

The following email newsletter ideas will come in handy if you want to introduce your product to your subscribers. Such emails are crucial during the evaluation stage when your prospects gather the information that allows them to make a decision whether to buy your product or not.

Remember that it’s not only about explaining what makes your products different from those of your competitors. Often, it’s about educating your prospects on the subject matter and helping them recognize if they need such products at all.

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1. New product announcement

Plan an email marketing campaign that will spark a feeling of anticipation among your newsletter subscribers. You can announce the key ideas of a product that is yet to come and use the feedback in the development process.

This email from Texas Beard Co. uses a gif to present the new product. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I guess that a well-thought-out gif is worth at least a few pictures.

Product announcement email from Texas Beard.
Texas beard company email gif.
Texas beard company email gif

2. Featured feature

An email focusing on one particular feature of the product, e.g. Email Newsletter templates in GetResponse.

The primary goal of this email from Fridababy is to introduce the new product. The email skillfully presents the features of the product and urges subscribers to go shopping. The design is simple. It balances product pictures with great copy and encapsulates the brand spirit.

Fridababy product presentation newsletter.

3. Interview with an expert

Create an email with a short interview with the people responsible for the product. Let them share the idea behind it. You can provide a video and an excerpt with a link to a blog post with the full transcript.

4. Ask me anything

You can send an email inviting your newsletter subscribers to participate in an AMA session focused on the upcoming product.

5. Unexpected ways to use the product

Show users how they can go beyond the obvious with your product.

6. Behind the scenes

Product development might be quite an adventure. Start creating content during the development process and use it to engage your subscribers. For maximum impact, make sure to use visuals, be it photos or behind-the-scenes videos that reveal just enough information.

7. A poll or survey

If you want to know what your subscribers think about your new or existing products, you can ask them directly simply by sending a survey.

Survey email example.
Survey email example.

8. Special event invitations

Are you planning a special event during which you will show the prototype of your product? Run an email exclusive campaign inviting subscribers to take part in your events.

9. Email course

Does using your product require knowledge and skills? An email course is a great way to educate your prospects and customers so that they can use the product to its full potential.

10. Case studies

A case study presents real-life examples of your product providing a solution to a problem. It can help your audience get a better understanding of what it’s capable of or who could benefit from using it.

11. Customer reviews

Opinions of other customers and customer stories provide social proof for your marketing communication. Make sure to include them in your email cycles.

Newsletter from Casper showing customer reviews and survey results.
Newsletter from Casper showing customer reviews pt. 1.
Newsletter from Casper showing customer reviews and survey results part 2.
Newsletter from Casper showing customer reviews pt. 2

12. Industry news

Provide a broader context for the problems that your products solve with relevant industry news.

13. Campaign progress

Why not let your subscribers know about the progress of your new product launch? It’s a great way to engage those who’ve already backed you and gain the interest of those who are still hesitating. So go ahead and share your milestones and numbers and create some buzz.

14. Invitation to beta tests

Want more traction on your new product? Then you’ll want to gather up some positive reviews. And there’s no better way of getting those than to offer the product for free in exchange for some thorough reviews.

15. User-generated content

Have customers been raving about your new product on social media? Or maybe sharing their feedback with you via email? Then consider putting the most interesting, fun, or unexpected photos and reviews of your product in your newsletter.

Goal: drive traffic from email

These newsletter ideas will help you drive more traffic from your emails to your website and social media profiles.

16. Tweet of the week

Let your subscribers know what’s happening on your social media channels. Show why it’s worth following.

17. Contests and giveaways

Don’t leave your subscribers behind, inform them about the cool things that you’re running, including contests and giveaways.

This giveaway email from Crayola drives traffic from email in order to drive social media engagement. Remember that you can use social media to build your email list, but it might also be a good idea to invite your subscribers to your social media profiles.

Crayola social media contest email.

18. Webinars

Keep your subscribers informed about upcoming webinars related to your products. Such online events are a great way to build your email list and a chance to interact and gather feedback from attendees.

Webinar invitation email from Metalwater.
Webinar invitation email from Metalwater

Read this article for more webinar invitation emails.

19. Latest blog posts

Got a business blog that’s packed with fresh blog posts and insights your target audience might get value from? Then be sure to share them in your newsletter.

20. Most popular blog posts

What about those all-time favorite articles your blog readers enjoyed so much? Go ahead and include them in your newsletters – #TBT style.

21. How to guides

Help your audience improve through how-to guides that touch on topics related to your product or services.

Newsletter example promoting an ebook from Neil Patel.
Newsletter example promoting an ebook from Neil Patel

22. Free resources

Infographics, checklists, and other free resources will make your content more informative and helpful.

23. Podcasts

Keep your subscribers informed about the podcasts you participated in or found valuable.

Newsletter from Tim Ferris promoting his latest podcast episodes.
Newsletter from Tim Ferris promoting his latest podcast episodes

24. YouTube videos

Share video tutorials, webinars, and fun videos that’ll benefit your subscribers.

25. Interesting finds

Sharing interesting finds from the web can help you look more objective in front of your audience.

Goal: increase sales

These newsletter ideas will help you drive more sales and get a positive ROI from your email marketing program.

For more email campaign ideas and tips for your online store, check out our Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing.

26. Promotional email

A promotional email has always been one of the pillars of email marketing. If you want to increase sales, you can’t skip promotional emails.

27. Time-limited promo

Promotions tend to drive customer engagement. Introduce a time limit in order to create a sense of urgency and convince subscribers that now is the best time to buy.

The following email from Secret Escapes introduces a 24-hour sale. There is a counter at the top in order to remind subscribers that time is running out.

Secret Escapes 24 hour exclusives time limited offer email.
Limited-time offer from Secret Escapes.

28. Holiday offer

Use a holiday retail calendar to plan and execute high-impact marketing campaigns.

The primary goal of this email from KIND is to use the national holiday to drive sales. The design is dominated by creative product pictures. In order to boost sales, there’s also an incentive – free delivery on orders over a certain amount.

KIND holiday email newsletter idea.
KIND holiday email newsletter idea

29. Cross-sell

Use your ecommerce data to offer your customers complimentary products. Create content that explains why it’s a good idea to buy recommended products.

In this newsletter Ooni uses two CTAs: subscribers can download a chapter of their Cooking with Fire cookbook and buy one of the two ovens. The cookbook is a great example of complementary content that drives product sales. People who know how to make a great pizza are obviously more likely to buy a pizza oven for the grilling season.

Ooni content and product email
Ooni cross-sell email

30. Up-sell

Explain the differences between versions of your products and services. Show their benefits and encourage subscribers to buy the higher versions or a larger amount of the same product.

31. Real-time marketing

Think of ways to use a current craze to fuel your marketing. Email allows you to quickly jump on the bandwagon and create a newsletter that will use the power of synergy.

The following email from Shake Shack promotes a line of custom products designed for the fans during the final season of Game of Thrones.

Shake Shack and Game Of Thrones partnership newsletter.
Shake Shack and Game Of Thrones partnership newsletter

32. Event announcement

Plan a series of newsletters informing about your upcoming events. E.g. you can introduce speakers, attendees, present the venue, and run ticket sales campaigns.

A minimalistic email from The Conference informing about the upcoming event.

the conference newsletter email about an event.
The Conference newsletter email about an event.

33. Holiday newsletter

Why not send your audience some holiday greetings and all your holiday-themed products that are currently on sale.

Check out these holiday emails to inspire your campaigns.

34. Back in stock

Let your recipients know when the product they’ve added to their wishlist is back in stock.

35. About to sell out

Why not put that wish list to another use and inform your audience that the product they’re interested in is about to low on stock.

36. Replenishment

Got products your customers need to refill every few weeks or months? Whether it’s dog food, shampoo, or razors – remind your customers that it might be time to restock their favorite product.

37. Bestsellers

Send your bestselling products to your new customers who may still be unfamiliar with your offer and website. Bonus points for sharing compelling customer reviews and testimonials.

38. Buyers guide

If your product or service is complex or requires a long decision-making process you may benefit from sending a buyer’s guide to your audience.

39. Gift guides

This newsletter idea works best during the holidays. Create a gift guide and help your customers buy the best gift for their close ones.

Holiday gift guide newsletter content by MVMT.
Holiday gift guide in newsletter from MVMT.

40. Hand-picked

Rather than sending your best-selling products, you might want to tailor your newsletter content to feature some hand-picked items (e.g. to showcase a particular look)

Hand-picked gift ideas in this newsletter from Uncommon Goods.
Hand-picked gift ideas in this newsletter from Uncommon Goods.

Goal: showcasing your culture

Use these newsletter ideas to highlight the unique aspects of your company culture.

41. Your brand’s story

Share your company’s story and how it came to be.

42. Meet the founders

Add authenticity to your communication and present your founders, their background, and how they founded the company.

43. Here are the people that make it happen

Your founders aren’t the only people that make up the company. Show the people that make it great through their everyday work.

44. Initiatives we’re participating in

Want to tell the world what your brand stands for? No better way than showing the initiatives that you partake in.

45. Campaign wrap-up

Been collecting money for an important cause? Or maybe been cleaning up the ocean? Whatever you did to make the world a better place, share it in your newsletter.

Goal: employee engagement

With these newsletter ideas, you’ll make your employee newsletter a hit.

46. Job postings: use your email list as a source of talent for your company. It’s very likely that you’ll find great employees among people who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Ss Brewtech informs about new career opportunities via this newsletter.

Ss brewtech join the team newsletter.
Ss brewtech join the team newsletter.

47. New team member announcement

Got a new team member joining your company? Then introduce them via the company newsletter.

48. Team party

Want to make your company newsletter even more engaging? Then use it to invite your employees to a team party.

GetResponse email announcing the team party.
GetResponse email announcing the team party

49. Training opportunities

Keep your employees engaged by keeping them up to date with training opportunities.

50. Anniversaries and milestones

Here are more employee newsletter ideas for you to check out.

Which newsletter ideas are you taking home with you?

These newsletter ideas should keep your email marketing calendar busy for months to come.

All that’s left is for you to decide which topics you’ll want to focus on first and what email marketing tool you’ll use to deploy them.

In case you’re looking for one that offers stunning ready-made templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop Email Creator, then you’ll want to check out GetResponse.

Not only does it offer tons of practical features that’ll help you build pixel-perfect emails, but it’s also completely free for up to 500 contacts in the GetResponse Free Plan.

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Irek Klimczak
Irek Klimczak
Entrusted as Content Project Manager at GetResponse, Irek expertly and smoothly runs content marketing projects at all stages of the customer journey in Polish, Russian and English-speaking markets. He possesses more than 6 years of experience in online marketing with a broad teaching background. Irek regularly runs workshops covering digital marketing strategy and tactics, and has delivered presentations at many international events (e.g. Singapore, the US, UK, Poland). You can reach out to Irek and connect on LinkedIn.