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Why having a website for your law firm is so important

Potential clients typically do some pretty intense research when selecting their lawyer. One major red flag to many is the lack of a website. A website can provide tons of great information and a place for the client to get to know and trust you better. It can also serve as a wonderful marketing tool when searching for potential clients. However, building a website for your law firm can be difficult and time consuming.

Fortunately, GetResponse has made building a website super simple. Our AI-driven website builder can have a professional law firm website built for you in just minutes. And personalizing your site is made easy through the use of drag-and-drop technology. That way, you can focus less time on creating a website and more time dedicated to your clients.

Turn your law firm’s website into a successful endeavor

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Become locally recognized for your legal prowess

Grow your mailing list

Use integrated contact forms to collect and manage email addresses

Explain your law specialization

Describe your law practice in detail and what you specialize in

Communicate directly with potential clients

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Establish trust and share your credentials

Choosing the right lawyer can be difficult and even scary for some clients. After all, legal decisions that require counsel are often major events that will have a pivotal affect on someone’s life. So, it’s extremely important that as a lawyer you come across as informative and trustworthy.

And a dedicated website for your law firm can help you do just that. By creating an About Page with your profile and credentials, you can help convey to your clients what you specialize in and how you can best serve their needs.

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Make yourself much more visible to potential clients

Even if you’ve established your brand and credibility, people are still going to want to know more before they decide to hire. And a website is a perfect way to do so. In fact, most clients will look you up online even after they’ve read your ads in the paper or watched them on TV. And let’s face it, they’re also much more likely to do so than call.

Don’t miss out on potential clients because you don’t have a website! If you aren’t listed online and a client searches for you, there’s a distinct possibility they’ll find another lawyer to take their business.

Essential for online marketing

Speaking of marketing, it’s nearly impossible to take full advantage of online advertising without a website. Whether it’s through Pay-Per-Click ads, SEO tactics, or social media campaigns, a dedicated website for your law firm provides a base of operations for all your marketing efforts.

And when it comes to online marketing, there’s no better choice than GetResponse’s website builder. That’s because it comes with the full power of GetResponse’s all-in-one marketing platform to help you build email lists, keep in touch with prospective clients, and much, much more!

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Inform and educate potential clients of their rights

There are times when people get themselves into a legal jam and simply want to know their rights. And you can use your website to help do just that.

By providing clear, precise guidance on what to do in certain legal situations, you may gain a new client just by being informative and professional.

How to build your law firm website in 5 easy steps

  1. Login to your GetResponse account and select the Website Builder tab.
  2. Choose to custom create your website, opt for our AI creation wizard, or even import your website design.
  3. Personalize your law firm’s website to align with your legal specialization, personal philosophies, and more!
  4. Host your website on your own external domain or elect for easy hosting by GetResponse.
  5. Integrate your law firm’s website with all the additional features that GetResponse has to offer such as email marketing, autoresponders, and more!

You can build a page like this in
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GetResponse Website Builder uses an advanced AI to create a website for you.

See for youself now, how easy it is to build the entire web service, by feeding the AI with some basic information.

See for youself!

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Frequently Asked Questions about law firm website builders

What’s the best website builder for lawyers?

The best website builder for law firms is one that allows you to provide a quality, easy-to-navigate website for potential clients in need of legal services. But it also needs to be simple to operate as well. Bulky and complex website builders require too much time and effort to operate and maintain.

With our easy-to-use website builder, you can simply drag and drop elements into place to design the best site for you. Or just let our AI website builder wizard take care of it! Afterwards, simply populate the website elements with your own personal touches.

What’s the best hosting option for your website?

Finding the best hosting option for your law firm’s website can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve made it super simple for you.

You can choose between putting your website on your own domain or get your website professionally and securely hosted through GetResponse.

Is coding experience required to build a professional law firm website?

No. You don’t need to be an expert coder to build your firm’s website. With GetResponse’s Website Builder, you can have a professional-looking website constructed in just minutes using our AI-driven web developer and dedicated law website templates.

How can I get started building my attorney website for free?

Simple! Just sign up for a GetResponse account to access to our state-of-the-art website builder. And our free account doesn’t just come with a website builder either! In fact, you’ll be given the opportunity to send unlimited newsletter to up to 500 unique contacts and much more.