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Exclusive report by Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at the Content Marketing Institute

Winning Content Marketing: Commitment AND Investment in Audience

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Winning Content Marketing: Commitment and Investment in Audience

How can your business make the most of content marketing? And what are other marketers doing to stand out?

You’ll find all the answers in this exclusive report by Robert Rose. It’s based on insights from over 2,500 marketers surveyed in our global benchmark report, Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2017.

Learn the 4 essential content marketing lessons to propel your email marketing and marketing automation. And discover how to get the best return on your spend.

You’ll learn:

  • How thriving businesses use content marketing to get ahead

  • How to bring together content, email marketing, and marketing automation

  • Best practices for creating strategic content marketing

What content do you publish with marketing automation?

  • 46.7% blog posts
  • 43.6% videos and webinars
  • 34.4% Offers or transaction-
    related content
  • 32.6% Product development
  • 31.1% ebooks
  • 18.6% Press releases
  • 34.4% Discussions from
    online community
  • 32.6% podcasts

Businesses often manage content marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation as separate channels. But to harness the power of each you need to bring them together around the needs of your audience. In this report Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute explains how to create a more audience-centered approach to integrating these activities. Dave Chaffey, CEO Smart Insights

Dave Chaffey

How do you integrate email, content marketing,
and marketing automation?

We have a long-term
strategic approach to
content planning, creation and distributon.
We source content on an ad-hoc basis as we use it. We access and optimize the effectiveness of different content types used within email. We prioritize the use of content marketing to plan and deliver the most relevant content, targeted to the audience throughout the customer lifecycle. We can measure the RCM of each content asset and value of email sent.

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About the author:

Robert Rose is Chief Strategist for the Content Advisory Group with the Content Marketing Institute. He is also a Senior Contributing Consultant for Digital Clarity Group.

Robert helps big businesses build their content and customer experience strategies. He’s worked with Oracle, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Allstate Insurance, Microsoft, Capital One, AT&T, Petco and UPS – using digital media to create powerful customer experiences.