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Outstanding email deliverability since 1998

For more than two decades, GetResponse has continuously developed an excellent relationship with all the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), resulting in an overall deliverability rate of 99%.

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Trust your email marketing with a reliable partner

GetResponse MAX guarantees robust AI-based compliance policies, zero tolerance to SPAM, advanced list hygiene tools, delivery tracking, and processing undeliverable email addresses to enforce best practices.

Our Deliverability Team works with mailbox providers and blocklist operators on email marketing best practices to form regulations for all email senders.

Trust your email marketing with a reliable partner‌‍

Ensuring the best domain reputation for your success

Each MAX account comes with at least one dedicated IP address to help you build a unique sending reputation. The IP address and domain reputation are constantly monitored by your dedicated Customer Experience Manager to enforce best practices and maximize performance.

We also offer Assisted IP Warmup service for qualified customers who want to start sending millions of emails from Day 1 while still using a dedicated platform.

Ensuring the best domain reputation for your success

Deliverability managed
100% in-house

We believe that email delivery is an integral part of our software and should never be anyone else's responsibility.

Therefore, in GetResponse, the deliverability has been managed 100% in-house since 1998, which gives you complete control over your email marketing campaigns and their performance.

Deliverability managed 100% in-house‌‍

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Trust in over 25 years of

99% deliverability rate Learn more about deliverability rate.