1200 new contacts in 3 weeks
with technical webinars

  • 1922

    visitors to the subscription page for the first webinar

  • 1047

    for the first webinar

  • 639


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RAVENOL is a producer of high-quality lubricants for the automotive industry that meet and exceed the requirements of the major manufacturers and comply with future regulations.



  • Reach final customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales via partner distribution


  • Webinars

  • Landing pages

  • Email marketing

Solution: RAVENOL PROFESSIONALS Online Workshop
via Webinars

Till now we were able to train 60 – 100 people a month and our contact list grew by 1000 – 1400 a year. With webinars we have built a similar contact list in 3 weeks and we’ve trained more people than in 2 years offline. We’ll definitely be running more technical webinars live from the garage.

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Marcin Kulwicki,
sales director at Ravenol Polska

A series of technical webinars



With webinars we can train people faster and we can optimize cost, e.g. we eliminate the cost of transport to the training facility. The workshop is divided into 3 x 1.5h parts which helps students acquire the knowledge. On-demand webinars offer participants VOD experience – they can take part in the workshop at their convenience.

Marcin Kulwicki,
sales director at Ravenol Polska
  • 3 x 1.5h webinar

  • Webinar promo
    via distribution network

  • 3h Q&A session

  • 1.Newsletter with information
    about the workshop

  • 2.Email invites with a link to a survey

  • 3.Landing pages

  • 4.Webinars

  • 5.Thank you email

Live events do the job. After the series of technical webinars we run a Q&A session. The session is hosted by 2 people – constructor/theoretician and a mechanic/practician who answer and discuss the questions from the audience. This way we are more credible and participants can easily combine theory with practice. This formula allows us to get through to all participants.

Marcin Kulwicki,
sales director at Ravenol Polska

What makes a difference?


We only had two weeks for implementation. In such a short time, Przemek – Onboarding Manager at GetResponse MAX - got me from zero to hero.

Marcin Kulwicki,
sales director at Ravenol Polska

The tools presented in this case study are available
in the following plan:

ECOMMERCE MARKETING starting at $99 / mo

How to run an online workshop
for professionals:

  1. Avoid doing what everybody else does.

  2. Choose an interesting, unique subject focusing on innovations in your industry.

  3. Engage your business partners in promotional activities – you’ll gain access to new communication channels and B2B programs that increase outreach.

  4. If the subject is vast, divide it into smaller parts. We divided the dynamic oil change workshop into 4 webinars:

    • theory
    • practice
    • summary
    • Q&A session

  5. Use surveys during the webinars. You’ll engage attendees and collect valuable information.

  6. Create supporting marketing materials – make sure they look professional. Focus on the most import part – main message.

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