Assisted IP Warmup

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No delays in reaching your existing customers

Benefit from our deliverability expertise and dedicated support to establish your sender reputation. You’ll avoid slow list migration, unnecessarily paying for two platforms at once, and burdensome delays in continuing to reach your valued customer base.

Get expert support while you warm up your IP

When it’s time to level up to a new platform with your dedicated IP, while migrating all your contacts and lists, you can choose one of GetResponse’s IP Warmup options.

  • Set up your own schedule with a standard IP warmup
  • Or skip time-consuming steps and get 10x more sends with our expert Assisted IP Warmup
  • With the assisted process, we’ll help you manage your relationship with all ISPs and strengthen your IP reputation
Get expert support while you warm up

Migrate your email list on autopilot without extra effort

With our automated process, we’ll set up a threshold for your dedicated IP, automatically adjusting as it builds up a reputation.

  • There’s no limiting your first sends while you warm up
  • The remaining messages to be sent would be automatically delivered from our high-quality shared IP pool
  • The level will be adjusting over time until your IP is warmed all the way, and ready to deliver on its own
Migrate your email list without even noticing

Why choose Assisted IP Warmup?

According to the data we’ve recently gathered from GetResponse MAX high-volume sender, an Assisted IP Warmup overwhelmingly outperforms a standard IP warmup.

  • Our client sent nearly 3 million messages with assisted IP warmup over two weeks
  • This was triple the number of sends when compared to the standard IP warmup
  • The numbers are even more striking after three weeks, and one month
Why go for the assisted IP warmup

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