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<mark>Email Marketing <br/>for PrestaShop</mark>

Effortless integration – vast ecommerce growth possibilities

  • Quick and simple integration process

    Seamlessly connect accounts and sync data without coding.

  • Sales-enhancing
    marketing tools

    Drive sales with tools designed for ecommerce growth.

  • Personalized marketing campaigns

    Segment customers based on data and trigger tailor-made campaigns.

  • Combined reports
    and analytics

    Optimize with marketing and sales results gathered in one dashboard.

Bring your sales and marketing together

Increase your revenue potential with the integration that combines essential sales and marketing tools. Use data to create a strategy that converts.


Send emails that drive sales

Design engaging emails that lead customers to your store.

Thanks to product inventory synchronization and a drag-and-drop editor, designing professional emails takes only minutes.

  • Save time with customizable predesigned templates
  • Easily add promo codes
  • Target with great precision using contact segmentation and send-time optimization tools
Send emails that <mark>drive sales</mark>

Automate your ideal
customer journey

Trigger automated communication based on contacts’ behavioral data and purchase history. Deliver it across various channels – autoresponders, web push notifications, SMS, and more.

  • Boost sales with abandoned cart series
  • Automatically update customers with personalized transactional emails
  • Score and segment contacts based on their engagement
Automate your <mark>ideal <br/>customer journey</mark>

Personalize your customers’
shopping experience

Boost sales from emails with product recommendations based on customer behavior and historical purchases.

Simply drag and drop the recommendation box into your email, and recipients will see relevant products.

Make the most out of your customer data with AI powered product recommendations, available for GetResponse MAX.

<mark>Personalize</mark> your customers’ <br/>shopping experience

Power up your PrestaShop store with multichannel marketing

Discover more features to build a comprehensive multichannel marketing campaign and deliver a memorable experience to your PrestaShop customers.

  • Forms and popups

    Grab your online store visitors’ attention and drive more sales.

  • SMS marketing

    Keep your customers updated with automated SMS campaigns.

  • Web push notifications

    Reach your subscribers with timely offers and updates.

  • Paid ads

    Drive more traffic to your store with targeted paid ad campaigns.

  • Landing pages

    Show off new products or offers on a dedicated landing page.

  • Chats

    Connect with customers via chats in emails, on landing pages, and websites.


Track performance at a glance


Trust in one source of
actionable data

Connecting your PrestaShop store with GetResponse brings together sales and marketing data.

Create engaging campaigns that convert based on data from both worlds gathered in the ecommerce reports:

  • Revenue
  • Average order value
  • Order history
Trust in one source of<br/><mark>actionable data</mark>

How to integrate PrestaShop and GetResponse

The integration process is a breeze – just three simple steps, and you’re all set!

  • Install the GetResponse plugin
    in your PrestaShop

  • Generate the Access Key from PrestaShop

  • Set up the integration details
    in GetResponse

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Try GetResponse
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<mark>Email Marketing <br/>for PrestaShop</mark>

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Resources to help you get started

GetResponse and PrestaShop integration explained

How can I integrate PrestaShop with GetResponse?
  • 1. Install the GetResponse plugin in your PrestaShop store.

  • 2. To get the Access Key in your PrestaShop admin account, go to Advanced Parameters > Webservice > Add new webservice key.

  • 3. Click on Generate, add the Key description field, and set the Status to YES.

  • 4. In the Permissions section, check All resource permissions in all columns and All in the getresponse_module row. Click Save to create the key.

  • 5. In GetResponse, go to Integrations and API, choose PrestaShop NEW, and click Connect.

  • 6. Add your shop URL and Access key, and click Connect your PrestaShop button.

  • 7. Go to Integrations and API > PrestaShop > Details > Actions icon (vertical ellipsis) > Configure.

  • 8. Choose the Import type, customers, and products you want to migrate.

  • 9. Click on Proceed to custom fields mapping button to assign details from the shop to custom fields.

  • 10. Click the Import button, and your store is connected!

You can find more detailed instruction here.

How can I create order confirmation email for PrestaShop?

Order confirmation email is often the most awaited one. It takes a great part in brand identity and customers trust in online store. With GetResponse making it an integral part of store’s communication is very easy, just take following steps:

  • 1. Go to Ecommerce tools > Quick transactional emails.

  • 2. Click on the Create quick transactional email button.

  • 3. In the popup window, select Order confirmation email and click on the Go to email creator button.

  • 4. Define your message’s name, choose the store, from and reply-to emails, add the subject line, and click Design message to proceed to the email editor.

  • 5. Design your message and click on the Next button in the editor.

  • 6. Click Save and activate button.

You can find more detailed guide here.

How can I add an abandoned cart element to automation message?
  • 1. Go to automation message editor, open Layout > Ecommerce tab

  • 2. Drag and drop the Abandoned cart element into your message content.

  • 3. While in Layout, set Abandoned cart element properties.

  • 4. Check Preview to make sure everything is in place, and click Save.

You can find more detailed guide here.