Email Automation for Shopify

Integrate your Shopify marketing strategy with GetResponse

Drive more sales to your Shopify store with first-rate tools – email
marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, paid
ads, and more.

Email Automation for Shopify

One-click Shopify integration, endless benefits

Effortless integration process

Connect the two platforms in a few simple steps – no IT knowledge needed.

Seamless data synchronization

Sync your Shopify customer data, products, and historical orders with GetResponse.

Sales and marketing tools combined

Deliver personalized marketing communication to drive more sales.

Market smarter with actionable data

Organize all your sales and marketing data in one place to make informed decisions.


Bring your online store closer to customers

Shopify and GetResponse integration brings you the best of both worlds – sales and marketing.

All your Shopify customer data, product feeds, and past orders are automatically imported to GetResponse. Use it to deliver personalized marketing communications.


Build and nurture relations with customers

Craft highly-converting emails, promoting your Shopify offer, with the easiest drag-and-drop creator and enjoy 99% deliverability. Learn more about deliverability rate.

  • Design your emails or use predesigned templates
  • Easily add products your customers already love
  • Drag-and-drop promo codes with special offers
  • Use segmentation and send-time optimization tools to deliver highly-targeted emails


Trigger smart, automated messages

Make your business on Shopify thrive with the help of marketing automation that makes selling easy.

  • Recommend products based on customer's purchase history
  • Use abandoned cart emails to follow up with customers who didn't finish their purchase
  • Reactivate lost customers with promo codes


Use data to make informed decisions and increase ROI

By connecting Shopify and GetResponse, you empower your business with one reliable source of data. See what works and what areas could use improvement.

  • Analyze customers' engagement with your campaigns
  • Monitor generated sales
  • Keep track of abandoned carts and promo codes

Power up your sales with multichannel marketing tools

Integrate Shopify with GetResponse and run powerful multichannel marketing
campaigns that bring you closer to your customers and drive more sales.

  • Email marketing

    Send one-off messages offering new products and updates.

  • Web push notifications

    Share relevant notifications across websites to keep your audience engaged.

  • Landing pages

    Promote your products and services on a dedicated landing page.

  • Transactional emails

    Send automated order confirmations, and abandoned cart emails.

  • Marketing automation

    Build workflows that trigger custom messages based on customer behavior and preferences.

  • Live chats

    Enable customers to contact you directly via live chats added to emails and landing pages.

  • Paid ads

    Find new customers on Facebook and Google with built-in ads creators.

  • Advanced segmentation

    Organize your contacts using tags, engagement scores, and custom fields.

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Power up your sales and marketing with the Shopify integration for GetResponse

GetResponse and Shopify integration explained

Why is Shopify email marketing so important?

Marketing and email automation is becoming a must for ecommerce companies. It brings lots of well-proven benefits you don't want to miss out on.

Around 80% of marketers who automate their marketing processes reported increased leads and conversions. Automation can also save you a lot of time and help you increase sales, nurture leads, and optimize funnels.

Quality marketing automation tools can provide crucial customer data and help predict customer behavior. This brings some vital improvements to customer experience, drastically affecting your bottom line, especially in the long run.

How to connect Shopify to GetResponse?

With the Shopify integration, you can import customer information such as name, email, additional custom fields, product catalog, customers' order information, abandoned checkouts, sites your customers' visit.

Use this data to build automation workflows, recover abandoned checkouts, segment your customers based on their purchase history, email product recommendations, feature specific products in emails and on landing pages.

To connect GetResponse to Shopify:

  • 1. Go to Menu>>Integrations and API
  • 2. Look for integration Shopify 2.0
  • 3. Click Details
  • 4. Press the Connect button
  • 5. Provide your store URL and click Connect to Shopify
  • 6. Provide your username and password
  • 7. Once you do, you will be redirected back to GetResponse to set up your imports

To learn more about the integration process, read the How to import contacts and products using Shopify integration article.

Can I setup abandoned cart emails to my Shopify customers from GetResponse?

Of course you can. Having all the Shopify customer data stored in GetResponse, you can create marketing automation flows that trigger abandoned cart emails to all Shopify customers who left their cart without the purchase.

You can create your own flow using the visual automation builder. Or, to save time, you can try prebuilt automation templates, which you customize with your preferred settings, conditions, and emails that you want to send.

How does the GetResponse Shopify integration compare to other Shopify integrations?

GetResponse is a great all-around tool that offers comprehensive solutions for all your marketing automation needs. It includes an intuitive and easy-to-use email builder with goal-oriented templates, design tools, and a built-in photo editor.

It also includes web push notifications, marketing campaigns for desktop and mobile devices, high-converting landing pages, and many other advanced features.

GetResponse also offers a complete funnel analysis, tracking the customer through the entire journey and optimizing their experience to propel them further down the funnel.

With GetResponse, you'll get other features like website and landing page builders, making it a truly complete marketing automation app.

To help you make an informed decision, here's a detailed article with 13 Best Marketing Automation Apps for Shopify Websites in 2023.

How do I set up an email campaign with GetResponse for Shopify?

Ecommerce email marketing is the strategy of using emails to generate sales for your online store.

Some of the best examples of using email marketing campaigns to boost ecommerce sales include:

  • Sending emails announcing new product lines and offers
  • Sending promo codes to email subscribers on special occasions
  • Sending emails when shoppers abandon their shopping carts
  • Cross-selling and recommending complementary products in newsletters
  • Sending transactional emails such as shipping and order confirmations

With GetResponse, you can easily create all types of email campaigns. You can either use the drag-and-drop email creator or customize one of the ready-made templates.

To engage your audience with automated, action-triggered messages, try marketing automation.

If you're looking for inspiration and more insights on successful ecommerce email marketing campaigns, check the Essential Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing.

What exactly is an Shopify API integration?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In layman's terms, these interfaces allow software solutions to communicate with each other.

When integrating Shopify with GetResponse, you're doing it through the software's API. These connections are precisely what allows you to seamlessly exchange and sync all the data between the two platforms and create laser-sharp email marketing campaigns.

Resources to help you get started

How to set up the Shopify and GetResponse integration?

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on how to connect two platforms

Essential Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing

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