How do I create an autoresponder?

In the Dashboard menu, go to Email marketing click Autoresponders in the top menu. On the Manage Autoresponders page, click the Create new button. You can now enter the details for your autoresponder message:

1. Enter the autoresponder name (this is the name you’ll see on the manage lists page).
2. Assign the autoresponder to a specific day in a cycle. For example, messages start on Day 0 (the day the contact subscribes) and Day 1 is the day after opt-in.
3. Choose a list for the autoresponder.
4. Select when to send the message:

  • same time signed up sends time-based autoresponders as soon as your contact is added to your list
  • with a delay of sends the message with a delay you specify, from 1-23 hours.
  • exactly at a specific time. Enable Time Travel if you want it delivered at the local time of your subscribers.

5. Choose the days you’d like for the message to go out on.

6. Click Choose the message to use an existing message or Create a new message.

7. Click Save or Save and Publish.

Can I choose the days of the week to send my autoresponders (i.e. only business days)?

Yes, you can do that. In Enable on, uncheck the days you want to exclude from delivery. Leave the boxes checked next to the days you want to have the autoresponder sent on.

How many messages can I send per day from one list?

There is no limit on how many messages you can send from one list. However, we don’t recommend sending too many emails in a short period of time, unless the contact expects it. Otherwise, they may find that you are sending them too many emails and opt out.

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